Artist Massimo Uberti Uses Beaming Neons To Trace Make-Belief Rooms In Space

A room within a room designed with luminescent neon tubes. Massimo Uberti plays with our senses and our perceptions by creating in-situ installations. The Italian-based artist redefines the habitable space with neon doors and walls that seem to open to an imaginary dimension.


The conceptual artist, Massimo Uberti, hand blows and bends neon tubes to compose the outline of the edges and corners of a room. The geometrical lines also mimic door entries, furniture and ceilings. All the elements are either placed on the floor or hung with invisible wires specifically engineered for the art pieces.

The lines the artist traces in the space imitate a drawing, as if he had sketched everything before our arrival. With irregular lines and a combination of 3D and 2D constructions, the artist is inviting us to enter his vision of an underground world ruled by iridescent lights and a minimalistic aesthetic.


Uberti’s purpose is to trigger a reflection upon entering the space he created; the light up room within the real room is meant to blur the limits of space. He intentionally strips the general idea of a room to an almost empty space, playing with contrasts where bright becomes dark and inside becomes outside. He leaves it to the viewer to re-imagine the space. An unsteady feeling, the sensation of being lost and the occasion to reset our emotions and redefine the present moment.


— Words by Tamara Akcay

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