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KAWS auction house art for sale

Phillips Inaugurates 2020 with Banksy & KAWS Art Sale Show in New York

“Ten Monkeys and a Dolphin: Banksy & KAWS.” the auction house opens with a show of 19 pieces by the last decade’s most celebrated street artists. —January 14th at PHILLIPS X in New York. The story of KAWS begins in NYC, Brooklyn and its surroundings packed with skateboard and street art crews. During the early 1990s, Brian Donnelly selected KAWS as his nickname to cover city streets and it wasn’t too long until he became a recognized star in the urban art and graffiti scene. A long way since trading spray paint for fine art, explorations spanned through sculpture, painting, and collage. The exhibition brings together two of the last decade’s most celebrated street artists. Banksy and KAWS art for sale, including rare paintings, screen prints, and sculptures. The show aims to create a dialog between these two controversial artists, through their own disruptions and interpretations of the current social and political climate.  KAWS, which exhibits and sells internationally and most often in Asia, Europe and the United States, has attracting mass media appeal and …

Street Heroines - Alexandra Henry - Magrela

Female graffiti and street artists —”Street Heroines” a documentary by Alexandra Henry

There are still areas that remain male-dominated; situations in which women aren’t as widely represented as their male counterparts. When it comes to the fascinating world of graffiti and street art this is an issue that is all-too familiar to female artists. Alexandra Henry is an American photographer and producer who aims to bring the struggle of sexism in art to life through her first documentary: “Street Heroines“. Not only does she get to share her own story, but also those of 25 other female street-artists. The film is a documentary piece on the courage and creativity of female graffiti & street artists from around the world. Throughout her travels between São Paulo and NY, Henry became fascinated and influenced by Brazilian street-art and its culture. She is inspired to readjust her focus by getting to know other women; all with different back-stories, but all sharing the same similar interests and love towards street-art and graffiti. It was also through this filming that Henry became more involved in the political activism that existed among the South American female …