“Jump from Paper” Vibrant 2D Cartoon-Style Bags

Seeing a Jump From Paper bag at a distance can be confusing. The bags at first seem unreal, as if digitally added next to the person wearing them.  In a world where anything is wearable, Taiwan-based designers Chay Su and Rika Lin have come up with an innovative line of functional accessories that look like they’ve popped out of a cartoon.

JumpFromPaper 2015 Traveler Collection Lookbook-04JumpFromPaper 2015 Traveler Collection Lookbook-02

The line is comprised of a wide range of products; satchels, backpacks, wallets and purses. They all come in color block bright tones mixed with beige and black colors imitating leather. The design is what makes the bags’ unique. Each bag looks like it’s been traced and colored with a Sharpie. Behind the fun design of the bags, there is a hidden pouch that can used for small treasures, making the Jump From Paper bags as practical as they are exciting! From London to New York, they have come this winter 2015 season to help out each “Big City Girl” march toward their dreams.

JumpFromPaper 2015 Traveler Collection Lookbook-07JumpFromPaper 2015 Traveler Collection Lookbook-03

The irregular lines confirm the bags’ intention to appear as if they are coming out of children’s cartoons or coloring books, creating the illusion that they are 2 dimensional. Through make-believe, cartoons and vibrant colors,  the Jump From Paper series bags are a reminder of our omnipresent inner child. The designers are making a statement: people wearing the bags are not to be taken seriously but they are to be respected and admired. They are a rare breed who use their imaginations and fantasies to brave their daily lives and conquer the world.

JumpFromPaper 2015 Traveler Collection Lookbook-05 JumpFromPaper 2015 Traveler Collection Lookbook-06

The limited collection 15 ‘TRAVELER‘ Jump From Paper is available online.

– Words by Tamara Akcay

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