Eboy Style: Haircuts + Hairstyles

When talking about eboy hairstyle it is all about emphasizing your natural hair texture and features. From short, messy, natural to crazy colors dyed hair. The trend aims towards expressing your individuality while enhancing what you already got.

A lot of people think that eboy style and its haircuts and hairstyles are new, but the fact is the eboy cuts have been on vogue since the 90s, mostly with the name curtain haircut. For a good reference about the eboy style, look at it as a mix of k-pop, dyed hair, painted nails with rings and dark clothing. It is a mix of both emo and hipster style but still something completely new.  

Dyed hair is a key component of the eboy look. Many people think that eboys have the style of South Korean boy bands like BTS but, for instance, Timothée Chalamet is a huge Hollywood example proving that this eboy hairstyle is not limited to k-pop fans only. The 24-year-old American actor is the quintessential representation of the millennial eboy look.

Timothée Chalamet and the ‘messy’ curtain haircut

The curtain haircut is the most common hairstyle among k-pop culture, and we have seen k-pop musicians and actors both rocking it. These hairstyles are best for those men or boys who want to change their looks and try something new while style maintaining a sort of i-don’t-really-care attitude.
If your face shape is long, then you can go for this look or if you have a bigger forehead then this hairstyle is totally for you. The eboy cuts look cool on everyone.

Keeping in mind the referenced curtains hairstyle as a main piece. We have rounded up a selection of trendy eboy haircuts + hairstyles for you so you can rock them as well according to your choice.

Messy Hair

Eboy Hairstyle Messy hair
Although not recommended for job interviews. Messy hair will help you slay your looks.

Natural Wavy Hair

Eboy Style: Haircuts + Hairstyles - natural wavy hair

Take all of your hair on one side and let your natural wavy hair do the rest. It looks sleek yet it gives you a down-to-earth, relaxed vibe.

This natural wavy hair and the messy look can give you the impression you don’t need to take care of it but nothing further from reality. In fact, it requires a bit of work to achieve this hairstyle. Work through your hair with a texture cream that will hydrate and control the frizz.

Dyed Hair: Pink or Green

Eboy Style: Haircuts + Hairstyles Dyed Hair
You can never go wrong with an eBoy haircut that is dyed in green or pink. There is something utterly 90s grunge about it.
Eboy Style: Haircuts + Hairstyles
Pink dyed hair
Eboy Dyed Hair Skater

You can never go wrong with double-dyed hair. If you have blonde hair then you can dye one side in black or if you have black hair then you can bleach them on one side also. You can try out this look with some non-permanent hair dye and see how you feel about it during 4 to 6 weeks.

Bleached Hair

TikTok star Noen Eubanks has bleached his eBoy haircut and everyone seems to be going for it.

Find Your Own Style

Ultimately, the eboy look is about whatever feels right for oneself. If you are annoyed about the bangs, try adding some thin wax to it and play around with it. Whatever makes you feel truthful and confident.