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Eboy Style: Haircuts + Hairstyles

When talking about eboy hairstyle it is all about emphasizing your natural hair texture and features. From short, messy, natural to crazy colors dyed hair. The trend aims towards expressing your individuality while enhancing what you already got. A lot of people think that eboy style and its haircuts and hairstyles are new, but the fact is the eboy cuts have been on vogue since the 90s, mostly with the name curtain haircut. For a good reference about the eboy style, look at it as a mix of k-pop, dyed hair, painted nails with rings and dark clothing. It is a mix of both emo and hipster style but still something completely new.   Dyed hair is a key component of the eboy look. Many people think that eboys have the style of South Korean boy bands like BTS but, for instance, Timothée Chalamet is a huge Hollywood example proving that this eboy hairstyle is not limited to k-pop fans only. The 24-year-old American actor is the quintessential representation of the millennial eboy look. The …