Girls In Town And A Book By Oscar Wilde

All images by NY-based photographer Roeg Cohen, hair by Dana Boyer at Art Department using Bumble and Bumble and makeup by Allie Smith at Sarah Laird & Good Company. Shot at Lick Studios.

roeg cohen photographer
Tamara at Muse Management

“…It is the last thing left in me, and the best: the ultimate discovery at which I have arrived, the starting-point for a fresh development.  It has come to me right out of myself, so I know that it has come at the proper time.  It could not have come before, nor later.  Had any one told me of it, I would have rejected it.  Had it been brought to me, I would have refused it.  As I found it, I want to keep it.  I must do so.  It is the one thing that has in it the elements of life, of a new life, Vita Nuova for me.  Of all things it is the strangest.  One cannot acquire it, except by surrendering everything that one has.  It is only when one has lost all things, that one knows that one possesses it.”

From De Profundis a letter written by Oscar Wilde during his imprisonment in Reading Gaol. You can download this and other public domain books for free at: Feedbooks –

New York based photographer roeg cohen
Sija at New York Model Management

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roeg cohen photographer
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roeg cohen photographer
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