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The Surreal World of Greek artist Kostis Fokas

Kostis Fokas surreal and conceptual photographs are vividly realistic and sensual. They seem to be alive while still managing to stay surreal and depict more than just a human body; they convey a liberating feeling of freedom that motivates viewers to reveal their true essence without fear of being judged. Acceptance of our physical nature is one of Fokas’ recurring themes. Indeed, the artist’s work is very somatic and erotic, but with a dash of humor and a pinch of weirdness. We see real people exposing their desires, expressing themselves, trying to find inner balance among the beautiful surroundings of his native Crete —which adds to the composition some notes of Mediterranean sensuality—. Most of his work focus on the human physique and corporality. “Through my photos I wish to present a new take on the human body and explore its infinite capabilities. The use of quirky, and sometimes hidden faces communicates exactly that.” Just as the Surrealists were fascinated with mirrors, self-reflection is another high point for Fokas. They are a pathway to connect with different realities. …

delaneyallen getting lost

Conceptual Still Life Photography — Delaney Allen’s Inner World of Enchanting Imageries

Delaney Allen’s visuals are a collection of mystical natural landscapes and enigmatic self-portraits. With the aim of depicting life’s odd moments, he renders dramatic scenes which involves himself posing in costumes or framing nature in a poetic narrative. The Texas born, Portland based artist lists Dutch still life, Cubism, Dada, and Surrealism movements, among his many inspirations. His work is a mixture of still life images, mixing physical and digital manipulation to convey his personal vision on his travels. “I’m constantly traveling, seeking out isolation, confusion, and beauty”. Allen’s imagery is the consequence of his introspection. For the viewer, the experience is akin to accidentally stumbling upon his creative process. In his most recent collection of photographs and objects, ARTIFACT Allen blurs the line between reality and surrealism. He incorporates and then erases his portraits, making it less obvious for the viewer to understand the facts in his photographs. Rather, the viewer is invited to interpret the fiction and dive into the author’s imagination, contemplating the beauty and the oddity of the world. He uses …

Bright and Personal: the Gouache Paintings of Mogu Takahashi

Japanese artist Mogu Takahashi embodies the best of the outsider art trend. Tilted perpectives, personal subjects, and child-like scrawl burst from the pages of her popular guache drawings. Subjects that seem ordinary — flower pots, pajama pants, persian cats — become sublimely colored compositions that remind the viewer of the excitement only a child (or child at heart) can have about their surroundings. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the self-described self-taught artist’s biggest collaborations have been creating objects for children; including collaborations with Little Red Stuga in Sweden as well as Japanese fashion line Chambre de Charme. Takahashi’s deceptively simple characters and creations find an especially appropriate home in houseware collaborations, decorating the sorts of household objects she frequently studies on paper. Take a look at her online store for a beatiful gallery of ceramics and other household objects brought to life with carefully-placed eyes and subtle brush textures. What’s really captivating about Takahashi’s work is the element of daily practice invoked in projects like her daily journals, which are available in full at her website. For …

Italian Hide-and-Seek -fashion editorial by photographer Davide Lantermoz

Photographer Davide Lantermoz, Stylist Maela Leporati, Hair and make up Rocco Santamorena, Model Veronika C @ URBAN. Clothing credits: Sweater M Missoni, necklace Shourouk, sunglasses Conservatoire International de Lunettes shirt Angelos Frentzos, skirt Koonhor sweater Mauro Grifoni, coat M Missoni shirt Mauro Grifoni, dress M Missoni sweater Dark Level, skirt Mauro Grifoni, necklace Shourouk, bag and shoes Melis Yildiz cardigan Suzanne Susceptible, dress Koonhor, socks American Apparel, shoes United Nude

Without You I’m Nothing – Women’s Fashion Editorial

Inspired by Placebo‘s 1998 album “Without you I’m nothing” – Photographer Cochi Esse, Stylist Nicoletta Cianci, Model  Anna Tatton @ Nevs Agency London, Hair Yumi Nakada-Dingle using Aveda, Makeup Kamila Siemiatkowska using Illamasqua, Assistant Lei S. Models wears: top DOLCE & GABBANA, hat UMA TURAN. See More Images Skirt and top LIZ BLACK, jewelry LEI SIHAN – Lion Studio Hat and little doll UMA TURAN, Dress LIZ BLACK top DOLCE & GABBANA, hat UMA TURAN Hat UMA TURAN, Dress LIZ BLACK Hat UMA TURAN,  red jacket LIZ BLACK, skirt PRADA Top and skirt LIZ BLACK,  hat UMA TURAN See More Women’s Fashion Editorials