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3 Upcoming Cardano NFT Projects CNFT

Are you already a hodler of any of the upcoming Cardano NFT projects? If you don’t here are some of the CNFT you should definitely consider: Dropout Crypto Gang Dropout Crypto Gang is a upcoming Cardano NFT project with a mission to empower young adults and upcoming creative talent through the worlds of art and NFTs. It is a community for upcoming talent and artists. [Maybe some of them actual dropouts] to showcase their work and find a not-so-mainstream path through crypto and NFTs. We would like to be the doorway for new talent and collectors from the real world into the Cardano space, increasing the overall adoption of CNFTs. Follow Dropout Crypto Gang Cardano NFT on Twitter Clay Nation — Clayverse The Clay Nation is one of the top 3 Cardano NFT projects clayverse will be an inclusive place to hang out and explore virtual, themed environments built on and moulded by its population: you. Clay Nation holders & Clay Nation x Good Charlotte holders will be the first to populate and test their …