Patrick Kafka in Fallout a men’s editorial by Walker Brockington

Patrick Kafka Model Editorial

In the stark contrasts of black and white, the world of men’s fashion finds its voice through the lens of resilience and transformation. “Fallout,” our latest editorial, captures the essence of post-modern style through the contemplative and commanding presence of model Patrick Kafka. This collection embodies a narrative of rebirth and introspection following the upheavals of change, each piece a testament to the enduring strength of minimalist aesthetics. Join us as Patrick, through a series of evocative and poignant images, navigates the nuanced terrain of masculine elegance in a world rebuilt from the remnants of the old. This is not just fashion; it’s a statement of survival and revival, delivered in the timeless language of black and white.

Photography: Walker Brockington, Fashion: Fernando Lahoz, Model: Patrick Kafka @ Soul Artist Management, Grooming: Raquel Martuscelli, Photo and Fashion Assistant: Jameson Laurentino, Post-production: Juliana Gianni

Shirt and trousers Rochambeau, necklace Chris Habana, boots Kris Van Assche. Previous page: Top Patrik Ervell.

Men's Fashion Editorial Model Patrick Kafka

Vest, top and pants Rochambeau, shoes Cheap Monday.

Model Patrick Kafka New York Fashion Editorial

Shirt Mua Mua, Pants Patrik Ervell, necklace Chris Habana.

Men's Fashion Editorial Model Patrick Kafka

Scarf Claudio Cutuli, pants Rochambeau.

Model Patrick Kafka photographer Walker Brockington

Scarf Claudio Cutuli, pants Rochambeau.

Model Patrick Kafka