Lucas by Nicolas Wagner -Men’s Fashion Editorial

Lucas by Nicolas Wagner look 1

Step into a world where fashion transcends boundaries and art meets avant-garde. In this men’s fashion editorial, shot by the renowned French photographer Nicolas Wagner, we explore an array of enigmatic styles that challenge the conventions of masculinity and aesthetic norms. Titled “Visions,” this series captures the essence of modernity through a lens that blends surreal imagery with high fashion.

Nicolas Wagner’s expertise in crafting visually arresting scenes sets the stage for a narrative that’s both provocative and profound. Each photograph is a testament to innovation and style, featuring cutting-edge designs that reflect the complexities of contemporary manhood. Witness as each model dons attire that defies expectations, their silhouettes framed against the evocative backdrops of Parisian architecture and abstract landscapes. “Visions” is not just a display of fashion; it’s an invitation to view men’s clothing as a dynamic form of expression, a canvas for cultural commentary, and a bridge to the future of style.

Straight from the pages of our 4th issue, a fashion editorial by photographer Nicolas Wagner shot Basque model Lucas Valerdi at Nathalie Models. Styled by Storny + Misericordia, Production Jeanne Hancock, Production Assistant: Amandine Weppe.

Fashion Editorial Nicolas Wagner look French photographer
Men's Fashion Editorial by French photographer Nicolas Wagner look 3 Lucas
Fashion Editorial Nicolas Wagner
Lucas by Nicolas Wagner look - french photographer men's fashion editorial
Fashion Editorial Nicolas Wagner
Lucas by Nicolas Wagner look - french photographer fashion editorial