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Pixel Art

Joo Jaebum is a distinguished digital pixel artist based in Seoul, South Korea, known for his innovative approach to pixel art and his adept use of GIF animation. His work stands out in the digital art world not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for its conceptual depth. Jaebum reimagines classic masterpieces by iconic artists such as Johannes Vermeer, Damien Hirst, and Gustav Klimt, infusing them with a vibrant, 21st-century perspective through the medium of pixel art. This unique approach not only pays homage to these historical works but also reinterprets them, creating a dynamic interaction between classical art and modern digital techniques.

In addition to his reinterpretations, Jaebum’s artistry extends to the medium he employs; his artworks are printed on OHC film, a type of transparency film that closely mimics the appearance of images on a screen. This choice enhances the visual impact of his work, allowing the light to interact with the colors and pixels in a way that deepens the viewer’s experience of the digital canvas. By merging traditional art themes with contemporary digital expressions and utilizing specialized materials, Joo Jaebum creates pixel art that not only stands at the forefront of digital creativity but also challenges and expands the boundaries of how pixel art is perceived and appreciated in the modern era.

Pixel Art
Pixel Art Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent van Gogh as Pixel Art

Klimt TheKiss
The Papal Palace, Avignon (Paul Signac)

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