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DJ Mia Moretti and Margot Duo “The Dolls”

Mia and Margot

Fashion is a complicated beast. Clothes are supposed to look natural and easeful, from the most elaborate Marie Antoinette cocktail gown to our ratty, dressed-down, ripped-up jeans. Otherwise, we run the risk of our clothes wearing us, instead of the other way around.

Clothing should appear light, organic, fitting us like a second skin. This natural ease often requires insanely elaborate engineering behind the scenes, to achieve this effortless grace.

This balance of spontaneity and careful planning perfectly describes NYC duo The Dolls, featuring the beat manipulations of DJ Mia Moretti and classical violinist Margot.

Speaking to the balance between spontaneity and discipline, The Dolls told the website Into The Gloss:

“I think there’s a really nice balance of discipline and spontaneity. And between the two, I think, grows something very free.” The Dolls draw a direct comparison between their music, style, and fashion. “I think beauty, for us, just feels secondary—but not in a negative way. I think that it comes with the territory. We don’t get on stage without thinking about our outfit first just as we think about the first song we’re going to play, you know? Because it really sets the tone for your night…?”

The Dolls’ innovative, genre-defying futurebeats and High Style suggest that Artpace’s The Happening is going to be a glamourous, fashionable affair, although it promises to be as much sweaty rave as Red Carpet/Black Tie Celebration.

Mia And Margot - The Dolls

San Antonio’s Artpace officially comes of age this year, celebrating its 21st Anniversary. The Happening gala will be themed “21 Club Speakeasy.” In addition to bringing together old and new friends to celebrate its birthday, the Artpace Happening will honor Fairfax Dorn and Virginia Lebermann, founders of Ballroom Marfa, for their contribution to contemporary art in Texas. As the organization’s biggest fundraiser, The Happening makes it possible for Artpace to support the most innovative artists, provide unique and free exhibitions, and serve more than 14,000 students through educational outreach.

Artpace’s “The Happening” gala and afterparty, featuring The Dolls, is happening April 9. Artpace will also host clandestine Speakeasy events inspired by the 21 Club in New York leading up to its 21st birthday Speakeasy Happening

For more information on The Happening, please visit

—Words by J Simpson