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album art Matmos Ultimate Care II

Matmos – Ultimate Care II – Album Review

Music and fashion go way back, probably for as long as either have existed. These days, however, they’re more intertwined than ever, with a number of music’s biggest names working as fashion designers, models, or icons, in their own regard. Electronic music and high fashion are particularly interwoven, as cutting-edge designers soundtrack their runway catwalks with booming beats and glistening synths. Considering all of that, it stands to reason that someone would flip the script, and make electronic music out of fashion. Quite literally. Matmos are some of electronic music’s longest-running and most notorious sonic dada punk conceptualists, crafting countless musique concrete odysses over the last 22 years. Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt have made oddly-danceable albums out of everything from plastic surgery noises to automata to civil war battles to psychic powers. On Ultimate Care II, Matmos are at it again, this time using the humble source of a vintage washing machine. This is no laundromat field recording, however; Daniels and Schmidt are too hyper-detailed and fussy for such a thing. During the course of …