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6 Cutting-Edge Barcelona Art Galleries

Beyond Barcelona’s main museums and attractions, there is a gallery world and scene emerging throughout the city.  For instance, since 2015 Barcelona Gallery Weekend has offered gallerists and art lovers a meeting ground and a place to discover new artists and openly talk about works of art. Galleries that understand the power of direct communication with their audience with a down-to-earth artistic attitude are in the cutting-edge of today’s art scene. Below a few of Barcelona art galleries worth skipping a museum:

Marlborough Barcelona Art Galleries

Marlborough Barcelona Art Gallery

The Marlborough Gallery has acquired considerable prestige as pioneers in the display of works by German expressionist artists, holding significant exhibits featuring works by important artists, such as Francis Bacon or Henry Moore. Actually, the network has spaces for exhibits in New York, London, Tokyo, Rome, Florida, Madrid, and Barcelona, which opened in 2006 and was presented in partnership with several other galleries, museums, and public and private organizations. The scope of their exhibitions includes both national and international consecrated and emergent artists, to whom they give great creative freedom so that a broad range of proposals can be observed, both in styles and with regard to artistic support.

Àngels Barcelona Gallery

Experimental art enthusiasts should find their way to Barcelona’s El Raval streets just 50 meters from the MACBA Contemporary Art Museum. We refer to the Àngels Barcelona Gallery as a project which, since its establishment in 2007, has sought a representative discourse about the social environment and a critical approach to the artistic process and to its languages. In the exhibition space, works by well-known artists, such as  Daniel Ortiz, Ion Fontcuberta, Pep Agut or Esther Ferrer, can be seen.

Joan Prats Barcelona Art Gallery

Founded in 1976, Joan Prats Gallery is a pioneer in the international contemporary art scene and has taken part in major exhibition fairs, including ARCO Madrid or Art Basel, since its creation. Joan Prats Gallery dedicates itself to disseminating and exploring the works of its painters, including the painters, Joan Hernández Pijuan, Luis Gordillo and Albert Ràfols-Casamada.

3 Punts Art Galleries in Barcelona

3 Punts Gallery

3 Punts Galerry was created in 1994, with the aim of promoting contemporary art in its many events, making its artists known through regular exhibitions and art fairs. You can see works by artists such as José Cobo, Erika Babatz, Paola de Grenet, Sito Mújica or Juan Perdiguero in their Enric Granados Street facilities among other places. 

Balaguer Gallery

The Balaguer Gallery has been committed since it was founded in 2004 to promoting contemporary art in its multiple events, making exhibitions of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and performing arts. His line of action in recent years is designed to promote the career of young new talent and is thus consolidated as one of the reference quarries in the Spanish contemporary art landscape. Names like Víctor Jaenada, Dominica Sánchez and Albert Gusi are among the artists who exhibit their creations at the Balaguer Gallery.

ProjecteSD Exhibition Space

ProjecteSD is an exhibition space created in 2003 with the goal of creating a dialog between the work of established artists and young artists. The work of the ProjecteSD Gallery seeks to confront pieces of different styles, periods and contexts so that the intrinsic value of works over trends, trends, and trends is emphasized. In addition to regular exhibitions to promote the careers of resident artists at home, ProjectteSD gives significant importance to the development of artist books with an editorial section. It has been given a high standard in the art world, with its own label focused on the careful selection of artists beyond market trends and the consistency of his exhibition program.


Eboy Style: Haircuts + Hairstyles

When talking about eboy hairstyle it is all about emphasizing your natural hair texture and features. From short, messy, natural to crazy colors dyed hair. The trend aims towards expressing your individuality while enhancing what you already got.

A lot of people think that eboy style and its haircuts and hairstyles are new, but the fact is the eboy cuts have been on vogue since the 90s, mostly with the name curtain haircut. For a good reference about the eboy style, look at it as a mix of k-pop, dyed hair, painted nails with rings and dark clothing. It is a mix of both emo and hipster style but still something completely new.  

Dyed hair is a key component of the eboy look. Many people think that eboys have the style of South Korean boy bands like BTS but, for instance, Timothée Chalamet is a huge Hollywood example proving that this eboy hairstyle is not limited to k-pop fans only. The 24-year-old American actor is the quintessential representation of the millennial eboy look.

Timothée Chalamet and the ‘messy’ curtain haircut

The curtain haircut is the most common hairstyle among k-pop culture, and we have seen k-pop musicians and actors both rocking it. These hairstyles are best for those men or boys who want to change their looks and try something new while style maintaining a sort of i-don’t-really-care attitude.
If your face shape is long, then you can go for this look or if you have a bigger forehead then this hairstyle is totally for you. The eboy cuts look cool on everyone.

Keeping in mind the referenced curtains hairstyle as a main piece. We have rounded up a selection of trendy eboy haircuts + hairstyles for you so you can rock them as well according to your choice.

Messy Hair

Eboy Hairstyle Messy hair
Although not recommended for job interviews. Messy hair will help you slay your looks.

Natural Wavy Hair

Eboy Style: Haircuts + Hairstyles - natural wavy hair

Take all of your hair on one side and let your natural wavy hair do the rest. It looks sleek yet it gives you a down-to-earth, relaxed vibe.

This natural wavy hair and the messy look can give you the impression you don’t need to take care of it but nothing further from reality. In fact, it requires a bit of work to achieve this hairstyle. Work through your hair with a texture cream that will hydrate and control the frizz.

Dyed Hair: Pink or Green

Eboy Style: Haircuts + Hairstyles Dyed Hair
You can never go wrong with an eBoy haircut that is dyed in green or pink. There is something utterly 90s grunge about it.
Eboy Style: Haircuts + Hairstyles
Pink dyed hair

You can never go wrong with double-dyed hair. If you have blonde hair then you can dye one side in black or if you have black hair then you can bleach them on one side also. You can try out this look with some semi-permanent hair dye and see how you feel about it during 4 to 6 weeks.

Bleached Hair

TikTok star Noen Eubanks has bleached his eBoy haircut and everyone seems to be going for it.

Find Your Own Style

Ultimately, the eboy look is about whatever feels right for oneself. If you are annoyed about the bangs, try adding some thin wax to it and play around with it. Whatever makes you feel truthful and confident.


5 of the Best Summer Music Festivals in Spain

Spain has been on the international summer music festivals radar for some time now, and recently it has expanded its variety range. The country was and remains to be a paradise for EDM, House, and electronic music lovers. But events such as Barcelona Primavera Sound Music Festival and Mad Cool in Madrid have proven Spanish cities great hosts of multi-genre music festivals.

The beautiful summer weather and landmarks can be complemented by unforgettable experiences able to please the most demanding festivaleros. Below a list of the best summer music festivals in Spain that only add up to the country as a top destination.

The massive stage at A Summer Story Music Festival

A Summer Story 2020

A Summer Story is a fairly young festival, only 5 years away from its first edition, each one has seen a massive lineup with A-list headliners. Held on the outskirts of the capital Madrid, this is the place to go for a well-packed mesh of EDM, electronic and house underground and big names. 

This Madrid dance giant fest hosted the stage for Don Diablo, Carl Cox, and Dimitry Vega & Like Mike as headliners in the past. While the latest edition is still in the early stages of development, there is plenty to look forward to with the already booked performers. As this year’s headliners, Armin van Buuren, Timmy Trumpet and Amelie Lens have been officially announced, however, there are a few artists yet to be confirmed.

The festival will be held in Arganda del Rey, Ciudad del Rock on June 19th and 20th. Throughout its two dates, the festival will offer a diverse variety for international ravers coming to Madrid.

A Summer Story Music Festival Massive Stage

FIB Benicàssim 2020 Music Festival

Festival Internacional de Benicàssim has become renowned over its indie essence and massive lineups as well. Held in the peak of summer each July, Benicassim has seen amazing lineups that mix up the underground and mainstream music scene. Festival-goers are also meant to relax before attending, with a coastal town that offers wonderful beaches, scuba diving, and boat trips.

FIB is also one of the longest-running international festivals in Spain, founded in 1995, it has increasingly gained prestige as one of the world ́s biggest alternative music festivals. It has also hosted shows from Muse, Kendrick Lamar, The Strokes, Foals, deadmau5, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers as headliners in the past. 

This year won’t fall short either, with Martin Garrix, The Lumineers, Steve Aoki and The Libertines in the spotlight. The festival runs from July 16th until the 19th with music kicking off in the evening there’s a chance to also enjoy and explore the locality and beaches of Benicàssim.

Barcelona Beach Music Festival

The Barcelona Beach Festival is one of Spain’s EDM and Electronic music sweethearts. With only 4 years on the go, it has packed the beach with its superstar lineup year after year. It is held at Platja del Fòrum in the north of Barcelona.

Barcelona Beach Festival

Everything in this enormous festival is done on a massive scale, from its megastar lineup to its space and energy. Considered to be a headliner festival, as 9 of its 12 performers are part of the main event, there is no room for small in the BBF. This has made Barcelona Beach Music Festival an important date in the international summer music festivals panorama.

BBF will take place July 11th and Armin Van Buuren, Marshmello and Alan Walker will be amongst the headliners of the massive festival.

Bilbao BBK Live 

This multi-genre festival is one of the most regarded summer festivals, and one of Europe’s most beloved ones. Each summer in the city of Bilbao in the Basque country top billboard meets underground A-listers, trap meets rock, reggaeton meets electronic and hip-hop meets pop. 

BBK live charms those who attend with its beautiful setting in the mountains, a brilliant overlook and top-notch music throughout 3 days. Many claim that its enchanting escapist essence in the woodlands makes it the best music fest Europe has to offer. 

Past editions have seen Thom Yorke, Rosalia, and Liam Gallagher as the main event, but this year BBK Live seems even more promising and diverse. This year has officially announced Bad Bunny, The Killers and Pet Shop Boys among other headliners. Bilbao promises to be an ideal scenic summer experience.

This year Bilbao BBK Live Music Festival will be 3 days long, starting July 9th until the 11th.

Mad Cool Fest

Mad Cool has been in the eyes of the music industry for a while now. Founded in 2016, last year’s edition was so powerful and memorable NME regarded it as “the best music festival of the year”. In fact, it is nominated for Best Festival in the World on the NME awards. Madrid’s flagship festival has expanded remarkably fast, as this year’s edition decided to go for a 4-day length and even more artists.

Mad Cool Festival one of the best summer music festivals in Spain for 2020

Mad Cool has managed to be all about the music and the event, offering a powerful all-star lineup each year from all genres. Last year The 1975 stole the show along with headliners, The Cure and The National in a space that seemed to offer a lot to those who attended. 

The official line ups for this summer’s Mad Cool festival has been announced and it is exciting to see so many international artists and genres array for one occasion. It will be held July 8th to the 11th in Madrid.

—words by Arturo Farage