Painting for Paris: Art World Response to the Paris Attacks

The aftermath of the November terrorist attacks against the French people saw the world light up with support and solidarity. #prayforparis sentiment still runs strong weeks later, as citizens of the world react against the senseless violence on exhibition across Europe, America, and the Middle East.

Found art: “Paris, I love you.”

While no amount of hope can bring back the 100s lost at the Bataclan concert hall, artists across the world have struck back through their work and brought the world together around symbols of peace and togetherness; most notably the Eiffel Tower peace symbol, now as common a sight on canvas as spray-painted in the streets.

We’ve gathered some of the most inspiring drawings, paintings, and Internet artwork created in response to the Paris attacks.

Instagram Comic response by Joann Sfar
Instagram Comic response by Joann Sfar: “France is an old country where lovers freely embrace.”

In a particularly intriguing comic response, cartoonist Joann Sfar broke the fourth wall of his regular slice-of-life comic Instagram to share his vision of France with his national audience.

“I am so sad many English speaking friends did not understand my cartoon. I did not write against your beliefs or against spirituality.”

— @joannsfar

Stylized response by André Saraiva

Provocateur (to use the French term) André Saraiva interrupted his usual stream of high-art nudes and art-fringe party scenes to bring us a statement from his trademark protagonist.

“Join Paris at their terraces for a moment of silence for the victims.”

—André Saraiva


As is often the case however, some of the most striking art to spring out from the aftermath of the Paris attacks has come from anonymous artists in the form of graffiti and murals — an ongoing series of raw creativity applied to the very streets where the horrific shootings and bombings took place.

The world stands with Paris. The art world picks up its brushes to paint for it.

—Words by Vagazine editors