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Muscle & Marrow - Love - album cover

Love, Metal & Doom Pop Portland’s Muscle And Marrow – “Love”

Portland, Or. is a complicated, layered, and nuanced place. Beneath the facade of being a millennial paradise, Portland’s rooted in the blue collar industry of yesteryear, as one of the Pacific Northwest’s most bustling port towns. Even Portland’s reputation as being a hub for underground culture came about due to the economic downturn of the ’80s and ’90s. Portland is both rough and tumble, as well as cosmopolitan; utterly hip and chic while alternately not giving a toss what anyone thinks. Portlanders are tough, while still being kind and sensitive; nice, almost to a fault, but not afraid to be blunt. Likewise, metal is a complicated genre. While once a shorthand for the most extreme masculinity, in the 21st Century, metal has become shorthand for power, force, will, and intensity, which is important as it doesn’t make intensity the sole property of the patriarchy. Portland avant-metal duo Muscle And Marrow perfectly embody the intricacies and layered meanings of both Portland and metal/extreme music, especially in the case of their most recent album. Rather than focusing …