Top Men’s Hairstyles for Wavy Hair: Style Guide

Welcome to our style guide celebrating wavy hair for men. Natural waves are stylish and easy to care for. This guide features the top hairstyles for wavy hair. We’ll help you learn about your hair type and find the perfect cut. Discover how to make the most of your waves.

Understanding Your Wavy Hair Type

Understanding your natural wavy texture is key. Wavy hair is special and needs certain care. By knowing what sets it apart, you can handle and style it well.

Characteristics of Wavy Hair

Wavy hair has a cool S-shaped curl that changes in tightness. This look can vary based on the weather or other things. Its adaptability means you can go from neat to relaxed styles easily.

Benefits of Wavy Hair

Many guys with wavy hair love its benefits. It naturally gives your hair more volume and looks airy. This means you can try all sorts of styles, without much effort.

And the best part? You don’t need to use heat on your hair as much. This keeps your hair healthier in the long run.

Best Men’s Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Wavy hair serves as a great starting point for many hairstyles. It’s perfect for both classic and modern looks. You’ll find a hairstyle that fits just right.

 Classic Waves - Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

Classic Short Waves

Classic short waves are a great pick for those who love timeless styles. This look keeps the hair short while letting the waves bring in texture. It’s a modern and elegant choice.

Medium Length Texture

Wavy hair at medium length lets you play with style. It’s the sweet spot between easy to manage and versatile. You can create layers to highlight your waves. This adds depth to your style.

Long Tousled Waves

Man with wavy and long hair

Long tousled waves offer a laid-back yet stylish option. These hairstyles go with the flow of wavy hair, creating an easy and cool vibe. It’s perfect for those who want a relaxed look that stands out.

Styling Short Wavy Hairstyles for Men

Men with wavy hair have lots of options for stylish short cuts. Three favorites include the Textured Crop, Short Wavy Fade, and Messy Fringe. Each brings out the waves in its unique way, offering a new look.

Textured Crop

The Textured Crop is great for guys who want style without the work. It uses wavy hair’s natural roughness to look cool yet refined. Get your barber to layer your hair for more volume. Finish with a light styling cream for a rough and ready style.

 Hairstyles for Wavy Hair - Textured Crop

Short Wavy Fade

The Short Wavy Fade is both precise and easy to care for. With faded sides and a longer top, it balances style with simplicity. Sea salt spray highlights waves, while pomade holds everything in place. It gives men a clean, elegant look.

The Messy Fringe

The Messy Fringe is great for a chill, up-to-date look. It has a longer front section that hangs naturally, looking laid-back and easy. A texturizing paste and a bit of scrunching adds to the carefree vibe. It’s perfect for a textured, young-at-heart style.

Choosing one of these styles lets men showcase their wavy hair beautifully. They’re fashionable, easy to manage, and suit different preferences. A short wavy style exists for every man out there.

Messy Fringe

Medium Length Wavy Hairstyle Options

Welcome to a stage full of choices for men’s medium wavy hairstyles. Today, we’ll look at two standout picks. There’s The Bro Flow and The Modern Quiff. These styles work great with the volume and movement of wavy hair. They’re ideal for men wanting style options for their medium wavy hair.

The Bro Flow

The Bro Flow is all about looking effortlessly cool with a touch of style. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to keep things easy while looking good. This style lets your wavy hair move naturally, giving a relaxed vibe. To rock The Bro Flow, grow your hair slightly longer at the top and back. Then, just push it back casually.

  • Maintenance: Keep your waves in line with a lightweight leave-in conditioner.
  • Styling Tip: Try sea salt spray for natural-looking waves and a light hold.
Bro Flow Hairstyle for Men

The Modern Quiff

The Modern Quiff is a more defined option that mixes old and new styles. It’s versatile and suits different settings. For this style, you keep the top and front longer, creating the needed volume and texture.

  • Maintenance: Get regular trims to keep the Quiff looking sharp.
  • Styling Tip: A natural-hold pomade can add volume to your Quiff without making it hard.

Wanting a mix of natural waves and a tidy look? The Bro Flow and The Modern Quiff are great picks. Choose The Bro Flow for a laid-back charm, or The Modern Quiff for a more refined look. They’re both excellent for making your wavy hair stand out in style.

Modern Textured Quiff Men's Hairstyle

Top Products for Wavy Hair Men

For men with wavy hair, the right products are key. They can make your waves look great. Here are some top picks for wavy hair care.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Using the right shampoo and conditioner is the first step. Find ones made for wavy hair. They help define and make your waves look good. Brands like American Crew and Redken have great choices that make your wavy hair soft, not heavy.

Styling Gels and Creams

After washing, styling is important. Use gels or creams to highlight your waves. Baxter of California Cream Pomade and Ouai Wave Spray are great choices. They make your natural waves look even better while keeping them in place.

Modern Quiff

Tips for Maintaining Wavy Hairstyles

To keep your waves looking good, remember a few key tips:

  • Regular Trims: Cutting your hair often keeps it healthy, preventing split ends.
  • Hydration: Use conditioners or oils to keep your hair moisturized.
  • Minimize Heat: Too much heat can harm your waves. Use a heat protectant if you need to style with heat.
  • Sleep Smart: A silk or satin pillowcase helps lessen frizz from the friction of regular pillowcases.

By following these tips and using these products, you can manage your wavy hair well. Your waves will be defined, smooth, and healthy all year.

Stylish Curly Hairstyles for Men

Men’s hair is diverse, especially when we talk about curly styles. Curls and waves are closely linked. They allow for a range of styles that show off personality. Using your hair’s natural curl is important. It lets guys try out many curly hairstyles. These cuts bring both style and fun.

The Curly Undercut is a top choice. It trims the sides short but lets the top hair grow long and curly. This contrast looks sharp and fresh. It suits men who want a stylish style without much upkeep. Adding a bit of styling cream can make this look even better. The result is a style that’s both cool and confident.

Curly and Wave Men's Hairstyling

Want something more laid-back? The Curly Afro is a classic pick. It highlights the natural volume and shape of curly hair. It needs regular care to stay looking good. Using the right products for hydration and conditioning is key. This ensures that the Afro style stands out, looking and feeling great every day.

The Textured Curl is perfect for those who like medium-length hair. Layers give the curls depth and texture, making the style look polished yet relaxed. This cut is versatile, fitting in any situation. The secret is using a gel to keep your curls neat. With the right product, this hairstyle is easy to manage and looks great all the time.


What are the best men’s hairstyles for wavy hair?

For guys with wavy hair, some top picks include Classic Short Waves, Medium Length Textures, and Long Tousled Waves. These cuts show off wavy hair’s natural charm. They also look good for both casual and fancy occasions.

How can I determine my wavy hair type?

Wavy hair often forms a gentle S shape. It changes with the weather and the products you use. Observing your hair’s waves can reveal your hair type. This knowledge will make it easier to care for your hair.

What are the benefits of having wavy hair?

Wavy hair comes with its perks. It naturally gets a lot of volume and can be styled in many ways. This makes it easy to go from a laid-back to a more formal look. So, loving your wavy hair can make you stand out.

What short wavy hairstyles are currently in trend?

Today’s favorites for short wavy hair are the Textured Crop, Short Wavy Fade, and the Messy Fringe. These cuts work great with wavy hair’s natural bounce. Plus, they don’t need a lot of fuss to look good.

Which medium length hairstyles are ideal for wavy hair men?

Men with medium wavy hair should check out The Bro Flow and The Modern Quiff. They highlight the natural waves and volume. These looks stay sharp with a little styling and are perfect for today’s busy lifestyle.

What products should men use for styling wavy hair?

To style wavy hair, use special shampoos and conditioners. They hydrate and shape your waves. Gels and cremes are also key to making your waves look their best. Always pick products that are made for wavy hair.

How can I maintain my wavy hairstyle?

Keep your wavy hair looking good with the right products. Hydrating shampoos and conditioners help, as do styling gels or creams. Also, remember to get trims often and not wash your hair too much to avoid drying it out.

Are there any stylish curly hairstyles for men?

Absolutely, men with curls can go for the Curly Undercut, Curly Fringe, or Classic Curly Haircut. These styles enhance curl definition and volume, giving a neat, natural look. Choosing a good cut is key for curly hair care and showing off your best features.