Top 10 Best Places to Work Remotely in Chicago

In the dynamic city of Chicago, remote work has become more than just a trend—it’s a lifestyle embraced by professionals seeking flexibility and creativity in their work environments. From the historic streets of the Loop to the vibrant neighborhoods of River North and West Loop, Chicago offers an eclectic array of spaces where remote professionals can find inspiration and productivity outside the traditional office setting. Here, we explore the top 10 best places to work remotely in Chicago, each offering its own unique blend of convenience, comfort, and community.

best places to work remotely in Chicago

Coffee Shops for Remote Work in Chicago

  1. Intelligentsia Coffee: Locations: Multiple locations across Chicago. Intelligentsia Coffee is celebrated for its meticulously sourced beans and artisanal brewing methods. Remote professionals can enjoy the cozy ambiance and exceptional coffee while working away.
  2. La Colombe Coffee Roasters: Locations: West Loop, Andersonville, and Wicker Park. La Colombe Coffee Roasters offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for remote work sessions. With its delicious coffee and comfortable seating, it’s a favorite spot for professionals in Chicago.
  3. Sawada Coffee: Location: West Loop. Sawada Coffee is known for its unique blends and stylish decor. Remote workers can enjoy the hip ambiance and creative energy while staying productive.
  4. Café Umbria: Location: River North. Café Umbria offers a taste of Italy in the heart of Chicago. With its European-inspired setting and quality coffee, it provides a serene environment for remote professionals to work.
  5. Hero Coffee Bar: Locations: Lakeview and South Loop. Hero Coffee Bar combines quality coffee with a laid-back atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for remote work. With its friendly staff and cozy vibe, it’s a go-to spot for many professionals.

Co-Working Spaces to Work Remotely in Chicago

  1. Industrious: Locations: River North, Fulton Market, and more. Industrious offers premium co-working spaces with modern amenities and a vibrant community. Remote professionals can benefit from flexible memberships and networking opportunities.
  2. MakeOffices: Locations: River North, Streeterville, and more. MakeOffices provides flexible workspace solutions tailored to the needs of remote professionals. With its modern design and collaborative atmosphere, it’s a popular choice for professionals seeking productivity and community in Chicago.
  3. Assemble Shared Office West Loop: Location: West Loop. Assemble Shared Office offers flexible workspaces and modern amenities tailored to the needs of remote professionals. With its sleek design and convenient location, it’s an ideal spot for focused work.

Business-Oriented Locations:

  1. The Metropolitan Club:
    • Location: Willis Tower, 233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60606
    • The Metropolitan Club offers a sophisticated environment for remote professionals seeking elegance and productivity. With its stunning views and upscale amenities, it’s a premier destination for business affairs.
  2. The Library at 190 South LaSalle:
    • Location: 190 S LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60603
    • The Library at 190 South LaSalle provides a refined atmosphere for remote professionals seeking a quiet and elegant workspace. With its classic decor and attentive service, it’s a haven for focused work.

As Chicago continues to evolve as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, remote professionals have an abundance of options to craft their ideal work environment. Whether nestled in a cozy coffee shop, collaborating in a modern co-working space, or conducting business affairs in a sophisticated setting, the Windy City provides a diverse tapestry of spaces to fuel productivity and creativity. As remote work reshapes the traditional boundaries of professional life, Chicago stands as a testament to adaptability and innovation, offering a vibrant ecosystem for professionals to thrive amidst its iconic skyline and bustling streets. Whether seeking solitude for focused work or connection for collaborative endeavors, Chicago’s top 10 places to work remotely cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the city’s dynamic workforce.