Explore Which Eye-Catching Jewelry Trends for Men Are Taking Center Stage in 2024

Men’s fashion has long lagged behind women’s in terms of self-expression through accessories. However, jewelry trends for men are breaking out of the mundane. Bold, eye-catching pieces once considered too flashy are increasingly worn by sophisticated gents unafraid to make a statement. 2024 is surely seeing the rise of jewelry that commands notice without apology. 

Let’s explore which attention-grabbing jewelry styles are poised for prominence this year.

Trend 1: Oversized Rings

jewelry trends for males
Bleue Burnham Men’s Jewelry Campaign

Celebrities like Michael B. Jordan, Paul Mescal, and Harry Styles are leading the charge, challenging traditional notions of masculine jewelry. These eye-catching pieces, often adorned with flashy elements, vibrant colors, or striking gemstones, are becoming increasingly popular among style-conscious men.

For those looking for a touch of elegance without the intensity of diamonds, colored gemstones can be an appealing alternative. For instance, a grayish yellowish green diamond stone can add a sophisticated sparkle to the statement rings, providing a glamorous yet understated touch.

One notable example in this trend is the Fancy Light Green radiant diamond. According to Leibish, this exceptional stone boasts VVS1 clarity, top notch polish, and good symmetry. Its delicate green color along with superior clarity makes it an ideal centerpiece for a striking men’s ring. 

Trend 2: Tennis Necklaces

2024 is seeing a striking transformation in men’s jewelry preferences. The diamond tennis necklace is shedding its traditional association with upper-class women and becoming a sought-after accessory for men. 

This trend gained momentum as prominent figures like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sported one at the Oscars. Usher also made a bold statement by wearing three at the 2024 NAACP Awards, paired with a Laquan Smith ensemble.

Tennis necklaces offer an interesting contrast to your’ public personas, being both subtle and refined. The trend extends beyond simple diamond strands, with some men opting for more elaborate designs reminiscent of heirloom pieces.

A prime example of this trend is a floral-inspired tennis chain. It features cubic zirconia stones, which provide a diamond-like sparkle at a more accessible price point. The design is elevated by a vivid blue gemstone at the heart of each flower motif, creating an amazing visual effect. 

Trend 3: A Shift Towards Sophistication 

There’s been a noticeable trend towards more classy and design-focused pieces. Joel Atkin, a buyer at the high-end retailer Matches, observes that modern men are increasingly fashion-conscious when it comes to their accessories. While classic styles like simple bands and chains maintain their popularity, there’s a growing appetite for jewelry featuring complex metalwork and precious stones.

This shift reflects a deeper engagement with jewelry brands and designers. Acclaimed jeweler Bleue Burnham has noted that consumers are now more likely to follow specific brands and creators. They no longer simply choose pieces based on the occasion. This trend indicates a more nuanced understanding and appreciation of jewelry craftsmanship among male consumers.

Jewelry Trends for males

Burnham exemplifies this new direction with his innovative designs. His work includes striking pieces that incorporate unconventional elements like “Rice Krispies” pearls, and gemstones in vivid, candy-like hues reminiscent of Jolly Ranchers. These bold choices resonate with men seeking unique, expressive accessories that go beyond traditional norms.

This trend towards more detailed, brand-conscious jewelry choices suggests that men are increasingly viewing their accessories as a means of personal expression. It also reflects their individual style preferences.

Trend 4: The Renaissance of Men’s Brooches

The traditional brooch is experiencing a remarkable revival in men’s fashion but with a contemporary and luxurious twist. Nowadays, men’s brooches are statement pieces that incorporate striking design with refinement, a far cry from the basic pins of older times.

Leading jewelry houses such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co., and Chaumet are at the forefront of this trend, crafting exquisite brooches adorned with rare and valuable gemstones. Such pieces often come with hefty price tags, sometimes reaching into the millions, reflecting their status as high-end accessories.

Jewelry Trends for Men — Paul Mescal Men’s Jewelry Brooches

According to Vogue, the red carpet has become a showcase for this trend. At recent awards ceremonies, notable actors have incorporated lavish brooches into their formal wear:

  • Cillian Murphy, upon winning Best Actor, complemented his relaxed Versace tuxedo and cummerbund with a custom gemstone brooch by Sauvereign. This addition brought a touch of sparkle to his otherwise understated ensemble.
  • Teo Yoo, star of “Past Lives,” paired his Louis Vuitton suit with a unique tortoise brooch from Cartier’s archives. This piece featured a large blue cabochon as the “shell” and emerald-studded eyes, demonstrating how these accessories can add character and whimsy to formal attire.

Trend 5: Individual Expression through Personalized Design

As men’s jewelry continues to evolve, personalization and customization will be key drivers. Modern men look for unique pieces that reflect their individual styles and personal narratives.

Custom engraving of initials, dates, or meaningful symbols allows men to imbue their accessories with special significance. Technologies also now facilitate highly customized designs. Through online configurators, men can select preferred metals, gemstones, and even design elements to build one-of-a-kind creations that are entirely their own vision.

Jewelry Trends for Men – FAQs

1. What’s fashionable for men in 2024: gold or silver?

A: Both metals are popular, each with its own appeal. Silver is gaining traction for its modern and versatile look. Gold maintains its classic allure, with chunky designs making a resurgence. For a unique style, try combining both metals in your accessories.

2. How much jewelry is appropriate for men?

A: Generally, it’s best to limit yourself to one prominent piece at a time. For instance, wear either a ring or a bracelet, not both simultaneously. Avoid multiple rings or bracelets. A watch paired with a ring is acceptable, but skip the bracelet if you’re wearing a timepiece.

3. What defines classy jewelry for men?

A: Understated metal pieces always exude a sense of sophistication and elegance. These versatile and durable jewelry, when well-maintained, can elevate any outfit. It’s crucial to match your jewelry to the occasion. In professional settings, choose subtle, refined accessories over flashy, bold ones.

In summary, the most prominent men’s jewelry trends for men highlight how far this category has come. Men have completely welcomed accessorizing as a self-expression, moving beyond basic watches and rings.

Whether drawn to bold statement pieces, personalized designs, or sophisticated craftsmanship, contemporary men view jewelry as integral to crafting their individual styles. As interest in self-curation and customization grows, the future of men’s fashion accessories looks bright indeed.