10 Trendsetting Surfer Hairstyles for Men to Ride the Wave

Surfer hair has always been synonymous with a laid-back, carefree lifestyle, and it’s no surprise that men around the world have been drawn to this effortlessly cool look. Whether you’re hitting the waves or just want to capture that beachy vibe, surfer hairstyles offer a variety of options to suit different lengths and textures. In this article, we’ll explore 10 iconic ideas for surfer hair that will keep you looking fresh and stylish all year round.

It’s important to note that achieving the perfect surfer hair requires more than just the right cut. Proper maintenance, including regular trims to prevent split ends and the use of salt-infused styling products, can help recreate that windswept look even if you’re miles away from the ocean. With the right techniques and products, you can effortlessly channel the laid-back spirit of the surf wherever you go.

Surfer Hairstyle for Men - The Classic Beach Wave
Surfer Hairstyles for Men

The Classic Beach Wave
The quintessential surfer hairstyle, the classic beach wave is all about loose, tousled locks. Achieve this look by letting your hair grow to medium length and using a salt spray to add texture. For a casual, windswept appearance, simply scrunch your hair with your fingers. This timeless style embodies the free spirit of the beach, offering a relaxed, low-maintenance look that’s perfect for the surfer at heart. It’s a versatile choice that suits various hair types and lengths, making it a go-to option for anyone who wants to capture the essence of surf culture.

Surfer Hairstyles for Men shaggy hair

The Short and Shaggy
If you prefer shorter hair, opt for a short and shaggy surfer cut. Keep the sides and back short, leaving some length on top for a relaxed, messy look. This style works well with both straight and wavy hair, giving you a disheveled, easygoing appearance that’s perfect for embracing the surf lifestyle. It’s a no-fuss option for those who want to keep things simple while still looking effortlessly cool and beach-ready.

long flow natural male hairstyle - 
shaggy surfer haircut

The Long Flow
For those with a passion for longer locks, the long flow is the way to go. Grow your hair to shoulder length or beyond and embrace its natural texture. To enhance your surfer appeal, add a few subtle highlights for that sun-kissed effect. This surfer hairstyle offers many men a distinctive blend of bohemian charm and surfer nonchalance, making it a fantastic choice for those who want to stand out with their surfer-inspired look. The long flow is all about expressing your unique style and capturing the essence of beach culture.

male with braids Surfer Hairstyles for Men

The Casual Surfer Braid
Embrace the relaxed elegance of the beach with the Casual Surfer Braid. This style allows you to keep your hair long, allowing for a laid-back, sun-kissed appearance. Whether your hair is naturally wavy or straight, you can easily achieve this look by creating loose braids. The Casual Surfer Braid captures the essence of surf culture and is perfect for individuals who want a low-maintenance option.

Whether you’re spending a day riding the waves or enjoying a seaside barbecue, this style adds a touch of bohemian charm to your appearance. It’s a versatile choice for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity while staying connected to the beach lifestyle.

surfer dreadlocks male hairstyle
Dreadlocks and Surfer Vibes – Hairstyles for Men

The Surfer Dreads
If you’re looking for a unique surfer style, consider The Surfer Dreads. Let your hair grow long and naturally form dreads, creating a distinctive, carefree look. This style embodies the free spirit of surf culture and is ideal for individuals who want to stand out with their surfer-inspired appearance. The Surfer Dreads are a celebration of individuality and the love for the sea. While this look requires some maintenance, it offers a striking and authentic way to embrace surf culture.Whether you’re catching waves or simply enjoying the coastal breeze, The Surfer Dreads make a statement about your love for the ocean and your distinctive style.

surfer hairstyle idea

The Undercut Surfer
The Undercut Surfer seamlessly merges the sophistication of an undercut with the free-spirited vibes of surfer hair. This style involves keeping the sides and back buzzed or faded, while the top hair is left longer, allowing for versatility in styling. You can effortlessly dress it up for formal occasions or down for a relaxed beach day. The sharp contrast between the neatly trimmed sides and the longer top creates a striking and eye-catching look. It’s a style that suits those who appreciate the blend of sleek modernity and the carefree essence of surf culture. The Undercut Surfer is a dynamic choice that adapts effortlessly to various settings, making it a go-to option for individuals who want to express their individuality while staying connected to the beach lifestyle.

messy bun surfer hairstyles for men

The Messy Bun
For those moments when you’re not riding the waves, channel your inner surfer by effortlessly tying your hair into a messy bun. This laid-back look is perfect for keeping your hair out of your face while maintaining a relaxed, carefree vibe. The Messy Bun embodies the spirit of surf culture, offering a casual appearance that’s ideal for leisurely days by the beach or any low-key occasion. It’s a simple yet stylish choice for those who want to effortlessly embrace surfer aesthetics. Whether you’re running errands or enjoying a leisurely day by the coast, the Messy Bun exudes a relaxed, beachy vibe. It’s a versatile style that keeps you looking effortlessly cool and ready for whatever the day brings.

surfer boy hair - wet look hairstyle for men

The Wet Look
The Wet Look allows you to recreate that just-out-of-the-water aesthetic, no matter where you are. Achieve this style by using a strong-hold gel to create a sleek, wet appearance. You can comb your hair back for a polished finish or mess it up slightly for a more relaxed look. The Wet Look captures the essence of a surfer who’s just emerged from the waves, with a style that can be adapted to suit both formal and casual settings. It’s a versatile choice for those who appreciate the effortless coolness of beach culture. The sleek, wet appearance adds a touch of sophistication to your surfer hairstyle, making it suitable for various occasions. Whether you’re heading to a beachside party or a business meeting, the Wet Look keeps you looking sharp and stylish.

curly surfer boy hair - male hairstyle
Free and Curly — Surfer Hairstyles for Men

The Curly Beach Curls
Surfer hair isn’t just for those with straight locks. If you have curly hair, embrace it! Let your curls grow out to a medium length and use a curl-enhancing product to achieve that beachy, curly surfer look. The Curly Beach Curls offer a fantastic way to embrace your natural hair texture and still capture the surf-inspired aesthetic. This style is all about letting your curls shine and exuding a relaxed, beachy vibe that’s perfect for a day on the coast. It’s a unique choice for curly-haired men who want to stand out with a distinct surfer style while embracing their natural curls. The Curly Beach Curls are all about celebrating individuality and the diverse beauty of surfer hair. Whether you’re strolling along the shore or hitting up a beachside gathering, these curls will have you looking effortlessly cool and perfectly in tune with the surf culture.

top knot - surfer boy hair
Top Knot and also surfer undercut

The Top Knot
For a distinctive surfer style, opt for the Top Knot. Keep the sides and back short, leaving a generous amount of hair on top. Tie it up into a bun for a practical and stylish look that’s perfect for an active day at the beach. The Top Knot combines functionality and style, offering a unique twist on traditional surfer aesthetics. It’s a practical choice for keeping your hair off your face while showcasing your individuality and affinity for surf culture. This look is versatile and perfect for a day filled with outdoor activities. Whether you’re surfing, hiking, or just enjoying a sunny day, the Top Knot keeps your hair under control and your style on point. It’s an easy and laid-back option for those who want to capture the essence of the beach lifestyle while staying active and stylish.

Surfer Hairstyles for Men

Surfer hairstyles for men offer a range of choices, from classic beach waves to modern variations that blend surf culture with contemporary trends. Regardless of your hair type or length, there’s a surfer hairstyle that will help you channel that relaxed, beachy vibe. So, why not ride the wave of style and embrace one of these iconic surfer hair ideas for your next look?

These surfer looks for men capture the essence of a carefree, adventurous lifestyle, closely tied to the sun, sand, and sea. These hairstyles vary widely to accommodate all hair types, including curly, wavy, short, long, thick, and thin hair. Let’s dive into the nuances of surfer hairstyles, exploring how each hair type can achieve that coveted, effortless look.

Surfer Hairstyles for All Hairtypes

Curly Hair: Surfer Curls

For men with curly hair, embracing the natural texture is key to achieving the surfer curls look. This style is all about letting those curls loose, with a focus on hydration and minimal styling to enhance the natural curl pattern. Using a sea salt spray can help add volume and texture, mimicking the effect of salty ocean air. The goal is to maintain the curls’ natural bounce and vitality, embodying the spirited essence of surfing culture.

Hair Male Model with Surfer Curly Hair
Surfer Curls

Wavy Hair: Surfer Waves Hair

Wavy hair is perhaps the closest naturally to the quintessential surfer hair look. To achieve surfer waves, men with wavy hair should aim for a medium to long length that allows the waves to fully develop. A light touch of texturizing product or sea salt spray can enhance the wave’s definition without making it look overly styled. The surfer waves hair look is all about embracing natural movement and texture.

Hair male model with short and wavy surfer hair on the beach with blue sky
Short and Wavy Surfer Hair

Short Hair Surfer Hairstyles for Men

Surfer hair isn’t exclusive to those with long locks. Short-haired men can also channel the surfer vibe by opting for a surfer boy haircut that is slightly longer on top with soft, textured layers. This cut provides enough length to create a tousled, sun-kissed look, especially when enhanced with a bit of sea salt spray. The key is to keep the style relaxed and effortless.

surfer hairstyle for males with short hair
Surfer Hairstyle for Short Hair

Long Hair: Surfer Flow Haircut

The surfer flow haircut is iconic for its laid-back allure, perfect for men with long hair. This style is characterized by its seamless, flowing layers that seem almost untouched by styling tools. Men aiming for this look should focus on maintaining hair health and length, using minimal products to let the natural texture shine through. A regular trim can help keep the ends healthy, preserving the natural flow that makes this style so desirable.

surfer hairstyle for males with long hair
Surfer Flow for Guys with Long Hair

Shaggy Surfer Haircut

The shaggy surfer haircut embodies the quintessential laid-back beach vibe, perfect for those looking to channel a carefree and effortlessly cool aesthetic. Characterized by its tousled layers and casual waves, this style suits men who prefer a low-maintenance yet stylish look. To maintain the natural appeal of the shaggy surfer hairstyle, minimal styling products are recommended, allowing the hair’s natural texture to take center stage. Regular trims are also important to keep the hair healthy and the layers well-defined, preserving the signature flow and movement that define this iconic hairstyle.

Shaggy Surfer Haircut

Recommendations for Thick Surfer Hair

Men with thick hair have the advantage of natural volume and texture, making the surfer hairstyle relatively easy to achieve. The goal is to reduce bulk while keeping enough length to allow for movement and flow. Layering can be particularly beneficial for thick hair, creating a more defined structure and allowing for that natural, breezy look characteristic of surfer styles.

Recommendations for Thin Surfer Hair

Achieving a surfer hairstyle with thin hair may seem challenging, but it’s all about creating the illusion of volume. A shorter surfer boy haircut with textured layers can add body and movement, making the hair appear fuller. Using volumizing products and avoiding heavy styling creams or oils that can weigh the hair down is crucial. The aim is to keep the hair light and airy, with a natural bounce.

surfer curtains hairstyles or bro flow hairstyle for guys
Surfer Curtains Bro Flow Hairstyle

Surfer hairstyles for men are versatile, allowing individuals across all hair types to embrace a style that epitomizes freedom, adventure, and a deep connection to nature. Whether you have curly, wavy, short, long, thick, or thin hair, there’s a surfer-inspired look that can work for you. By focusing on enhancing your hair’s natural texture and maintaining its health, you can achieve that effortless surfer aesthetic that’s as timeless as the ocean itself.

Surfer Curls Men's Hairstyles