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Marge de Versalles_leo_peralta

Leo Peralta at La Fresh Gallery in Madrid

Málaga-born artist Leo Peralta is currently showing at La Fresh Gallery in Madrid one of the most-acclaimed and forward-thinking galleries in Madrid. Peralta is the second malagueño to be shown at La Fresh after fellow Marbella-born fashion designer David Delfin. This exhibition works as a homage to the darkest, most melancholic and unapologetic side of pop culture. The artist mixes different elements from the 80s and 90s entertainment industry into a whole new surrealist scenario. Peralta’s work is well-known by Madrid fellows for its transgressive and forward thinking background. Among his numerous exhibitions, Peralta has been recently feature on the group show VIVOS at the Museo Carmen Thyssen in Málaga. This is the 2nd exhibition of Peralta’s work at the La Fresh after “Remixed”. The artist will develop this year’s poster for the upcoming Gay Pride Andalucía – “50 years of fights, challenges and conquers.” –commemorating the 50th anniversary of the events at Stonewall Inn in NY.  

Interesni Kazki Ukraine

Kiev’s Mural Fever, the Ukrainian City as the Future Street Art Capital

After the heartbreaking events of the past years during Ukraine’s crisis and revolution, Kiev needed a revival more than ever. The capital as well as its dwellers craved for the renovation not only in a social and political field, but also in a city landscape that still carries scars of the past. The solution local authorities came up with might not be the most obvious one. The decision was to turn Kiev into a street art capital, reconsidering urban spaces and inviting local and foreign  artists to partake. “This world is but a canvas to our imagination,” as said by American author Henry David Thoreau; for street art every wall is a canvas full of possibilities. The aim was to turn this crisis into a productive and relevant force reinventing the city, lightening it up with the power of art. It might seem an easy task, but there were some pitfalls, as usual. Being part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was isolated from all external influences and trends, just as many other countries of the USSR were. But during the Perestroika …

Time Square - Emilio

Artist Emilio Pérez Takes Times Square on a Visual Trip

Artist Emilio Pérez creates a unique visual vocabulary of sinuous and spontaneous shapes in his precise drawings. They are infused with his fascination for classical paintings, music and nature. Style Curator, Natalie Kates sits with the artist to learn about his latest project “Dream Season” part of Midnight Moment, a Times Square Arts initiative in which the artist will take the public on an abstract, visual road trip from 11:57 p.m. to midnight every night in November. Natalie Kates: When did you realize you wanted to be an artist? Emilio Pérez: I’m pretty sure that I was an artist all along. It just took time for me to understand what that meant and how I would apply it to my life and pursuits. Your paintings have been described as abstract, organic, fluid forms and otherworldly. To achieve this you paint layers of pigment and carve out the layers with an X-Acto knife to create the artworks. How did you come to use the X-Acto knife in your paintings? I have always been attracted to the immediacy of …

Street Heroines - Alexandra Henry - Magrela

“Street Heroines”, a film by Alexandra Henry documenting female graffiti and street artists

There are still areas that remain male-dominated; situations in which women aren’t as widely represented as their male counterparts. When it comes to the fascinating world of graffiti and street art this is an issue that is all-too familiar to female artists. Alexandra Henry is an American photographer and producer who aims to bring the struggle of sexism in art to life through her first documentary: “Street Heroines“. Not only does she get to share her own story, but also those of 25 other female street-artists. The film is a documentary piece on the courage and creativity of female graffiti & street artists from around the world. Throughout her travels between São Paulo and NY, Henry became fascinated and influenced by Brazilian street-art and its culture. She is inspired to readjust her focus by getting to know other women; all with different back-stories, but all sharing the same similar interests and love towards street-art and graffiti. It was also through this filming that Henry became more involved in the political activism that existed among the South American female …

One or the other Jared Flaming Eric Helvie art 1

“One or The Other”: Jared Flaming and Eric Helvie Exhibition on view through May 21

“One Or The Other”, on view from May 17 – 21, 2016 at The Highline Loft at 508 West 26th Street, brings together the two artists Jared Flaming and Eric Helvie, in a pairing of photo-realistic works that focus on the ideas of pop culture, media and storytelling in an effort to dig deep into the subconscious mind to find inspiration and artistic creativity. Curated by Anne Huntington and Natalie Kates, both artistsʼ photo-realistic works, juxtaposed by color, black-and-white metaphor and iconography, embrace the psychoanalytical idea of unconscious desires via subliminal images. In concert with the 4-day show, Huntington and Kates will present a series of experiences to enhance the exhibition, including a Panel discussion with the artists (May 18th) and VAGA hosted opening (May 19th)   Q&A with artist Jared Flaming Tell us a bit more about you and your beginnings as an artist. Well I am a born and raised Oklahoma boy. There wasn’t much art around growing up but there was a lot of craft and I always enjoyed that and spent a lot …

Kerry James Marshall, Art History Counter-Archive

The work of Kerry James Marshall is centered on African American life, culture and history. His body of work explores new frontiers in racial politics, socio-economical issues and the artists’ own feelings & views about social responsibility. Marshall was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1955 and later relocated to South Central, Los Angeles near the Black Panthers headquarters. Marshall grew-up in a country in which there were not many black artists to reference and “black studies” were in their early stages. Through his work, the artist has committed himself to compensating for the absence and invisibility of black culture. The artist attempts to reconcile African American culture with images of western ideals in his paintings by highlighting black identity within their historical context and the current socio political situation. Video courtesy of Museo Reina Sofia, Painting and Other Stuff, 2014 For Marshall there is an evident gap in the [Western] art history archive. We can define his whole body of work as a counter-archive, reading between the lines of mainstream culture during the past decades …


6 Genre-Bending Artists You Should Follow on Instagram

Instagram can be a gold mine for creative inspiration, but it sometimes feels like artist accounts on the ubiquitous social media platform are more self-promotional than authentically engaging. With 400 million active users, it can be hard to find quality content outside the tropes and cliches. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite artists using Instagram in unique ways — from digital installations to math-infused origami masterpieces. @prismspecs New media artist and programmer Grayson Earle is constantly breaking down boundaries between tech and art with interactive exhibitions and hand-crafted digital games. The process, from conceptual sketches to halfway-completed hardware, is documented on his Instagram account alongside a heavy helping of glitch art and tongue-in-cheek tech humor. People Pattern #loop #glitchart #generativeart #netflix #videoart @illuminator99 @saddestlunch A video posted by Grayson (@prismspecs) on Jan 28, 2016 at 8:32pm PST Earle is based in Brooklyn, where his work was most recently shown in the AgitProp! exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.   @sopopomo Manila-born, Texas based artist Dan Lam and her friendly [and touchable] neon-hued sculptures.  A …


Mirror for the Middle Class: Duane Hanson in Retrospect

Winning over the general public isn’t always a good thing in the art market, where popularity with the middle class frequently translates to poor sales among wealthy patrons and art collectors. So it’s fitting that the late sculptor Duane Hanson’s body of work is seeing a resurgence of interest just as the middle class — the subject of his life’s work — slowly erodes in the face of technological innovation and industrial automation. Brushed aside by the tastemakers of the seventies, Hanson’s startlingly life-like portrayals of average Americans have been called “achingly beautiful” by The Guardian, drawing comparisons to Edward Hopper and other classic realists. Editorial attention tends to play up the time-traveling effect the works have on the viewer. The appeal is part fashion tourism, part self-recognition. While the clothing choices are garish and the moments captured depressingly banal, the imortalization of seemingly meaningless moments is bound to resonate with the selfie generation (or the older generations trapped in it with us). Pieces like “Young Shopper” and “Tourists II” have a certain voyeuristic appeal, …


Valeria Petrone Plays With Witty Characters And Odd Situations To Create Fantastic Illustrations

The world of Valeria Petrone is filled with many characters. They animate the illustrations she draws for adults in magazines and for children in books. From men and women with big observant eyes to cats, dogs and birds casually striking a pose; the cast is deliciously enchanting and entertaining. The artist is an illustrator with many talents. She juggles from children’s books to serious editorials for magazines, newspapers and ad campaigns from Italy, the UK and the US. She keeps a humorous style whether she’s designing for an informative article or a playful story. Valeria Petrone is often commissioned to create an atmosphere to go along a text. Her methodology consists of letting her mind wander while reading the text. While doing so, images come to her mind.  She associates these snapshots to the words and then begins drawing. The set-up and characters express an idea or a feeling. We could imagine the entire story by only looking at the imagery. The main character is always put in a situation that makes us wonder about …


Sculptor Ben Young Illuminates the Underpinnings of Islands

“I spy something blue.” So reads the punchline to one of those lonely island gag cartoons in The New Yorker, where two castaways sit back to back on an island barely big enough for themselves and a lone palm. On first glance, the austere combinations of concrete and plate glass on display at Kirra Galleries might remind us of these sorts of lonely island cliches. The difference is in the depths — isolated rock faces and quasi-volcanic outcrops push up from opaque cubes, which seem to simultaneously imprison and define the land masses within. Whatever associations poured concrete might hold with brutalism melt away under the soft embrace of cut glass. Originally a New Zealander with a background in boatbuilding, artist Ben Young began glass cutting as a hobby inspired by his father’s humble garage-shop art projects. Combined with a boatmaker’s propensity for 3D modeling and meticulous handcrafting, Young began developing sculptures inspired by his experiences with the sea through boating and surfing at a young age. It’s only recently, however, that his work has …