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…And God Created Shirley Manson by Mason Poole

When the time came for grunge to take a shower, one woman epitomized the sleek, techno-forward convergence of rock and electronica. With warrior’s armor — dark eyeliner, ankle boots, and a sharp, uncompromising tongue — Shirley Manson was the consummate idol for a legion of Darklings, a generation of adolescents going through puberty in an uncertain time of intense pre-millennium tension and violence. Now that we are all adults here, Garbage has become a band beloved by everyone from the girl smoking in the bathroom to my mom (try to name another band who sampled Salt-N-Pepa and the Beach Boys…in the same song). Now, with a legion of fans waiting, Garbage is releasing their fifth album of new music on their own label, Stunvolume, and it’s time to catch up with the real woman with the most cake. —text and interview: Roberto Reyes, photography: Mason Poole, fashion: Marjan Malakpour @ Margaret Maldonado Agency, fashion assistants: Sheena Annikki Templeton, Marnika Weiss, hair: Pamela Neal @ Margaret Maldonado, makeup: Donald Simrock @ Margaret Maldonado, manicurist: Jamayka Hamilton, …