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LEVITATION FEST , photo by Cecilia Alejandra

[CANCELLED] I Just WAS Made For These Times: A Guide To The Psychedelic Sounds Of Levitation 2016

This weekend’s LEVITATION has been cancelled due to safety concerns regarding dangerous weather, the festival’s official website reported today 04/28/2016 Fans of every era of visionary, tripped-out, elevated cosmic music will find something that will make them float six inches above Austin’s cracked Earth, at the most recent incarnation of Levitation, formerly known as Austin Psych Fest. Psychedelia is defined as “music, culture, or art based on the experiences produced by psychedelic drugs.” It always seemed vaguely disappointing that so many artists and musicians interpreted this wide-open field of crimson clover and poppies as merely a re-creation of the late-’60s Haight-Ashbury scene. Sure, amorphous light shows are trippy, but so are late-19th-Century literary works like Alice In Wonderland or The Wind In The Willows, as are the speed-fueled paranoid guitar jams of proto-punk Garage Rock; densely layered, experimental Hip-Hop; dreamy, romantic Shoegaze; and basically every form of Electronic music that’s ever been made. Psychedelia’s experienced a number of fascinating evolutions, so far, during the 21th Century. We’re finally listening objectively, taking what we like about …