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Art, Science and a lot of Practice: an Interview with Russian Lettering Artist Gosha Bondarev

“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” —William Shakespeare As human beings we are constantly changing and developing, adapting to the new situations the world presents us with. These modifications can even occur within ourselves: whenever we may think we know everything about our lives, our goals, and our preferences, we can suddenly get hit with the realization that perhaps what we used to enjoy yesterday doesn’t quite appeal to us today. What happens now? What do we really want? Not so long ago, Gosha Bondarev, a Russian lettering artist with a physics background, asked himself those questions. Today we are going to talk to him about his artistic endeavors and a scientific past that comes back to him from time to time. So, my first question will be about your transition from the world of science to the world of art. What was it like and how did you come to that decision? Towards the end of my 4th year of studying physics at the university, I started having doubts …