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Real Life NFTs in Fashion and Opportunities for Creators

NFTs in fashion, gaming, and art bring more opportunities and benefits for creators. Startling price tags for NFTs sneakers, digital art, collectives, and crypto pets have set the tone for the first half of 2021. Auctions and sales of newly discovered digital assets (NFTs) amounted to millions of dollars in a span of 6 months and made headlines this year; however, there are many who worry about the strength of the NFTs industry after the spike of interest cools down. In this article, we expand on the opportunities that NFTs have brought for creators in fashion, and gaming, and also we mention innovative companies that are seeking to mix the real and virtual world of NFTs.  What are NFTs in fashion? NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets that can be authenticated through the blockchain. NFTs in fashion are digital, authenticated garments that exist in a metaverse, a shared virtual space. Fashion NFTs have sold for millions in 2021. On February 27th, RTFKT sold 3 designs of NFTs sneakers with drawings by NFT artist Fewocious for …