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Image from Clay Nation x Snoop Dogg Cardano NFT project

How to buy NFTs on Cardano? Top CNFT Marketplaces

In this article, we’ll guide you through the buying process of NFTs on Cardano.   Cardano is one of the most widely used blockchain networks. Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson launched it in 2017. The native cryptocurrency of the project is known as ADA. At the time of writing, ADA’s market capitalization is over $37B, and its price is 1.09 USD.  The Cardano team follows an academic and research-driven approach. All developments are supervised by the Cardano Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a team of notable academics and scientists.   As a third-generation blockchain project, Cardano strives to solve the problems raised by its predecessors, Bitcoin and Ethereum, such as scalability and sustainability. It uses a proof of state network known as Ouroboros, an environmentally sustainable protocol.  The scalability concept is closely related to the number of transactions per second (TPS). Cardano is an energy-efficient and scalable network; it can handle approximately 250 TPS. Compare it to the average TPS of Bitcoin and Ethereum, 4.6 and 15, respectively.  Why Cardano NFTs? The energy-efficient nature of the Cardano blockchain is also advantageous for NFTs because the …