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EYE CANDY – CFDA – Steven Kolb

Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) CEO, Steven Kolb gives us an inside look on men’s accessories, eyewear in particular. Today, men have a platform to express themselves through bags, jewelry, hats, and even socks. Kolb’s need to wear glasses is now his trademark; his frames are the starting point to what he’s going to wear on any given day. Photography by Juliana Bojorquez, Interview by Natalie Kates-Style Curator.

Natalie Kates: Eyewear is a big part of men’s accessories. When walking around the streets of SoHo, I see men in an array of frames. It looks like men today have more options than ever. How many glasses do you own?

Steven Kolb: I have close to 30 pairs of glasses. For me it’s the marriage of form and function because I have to wear glasses. I might as well have fun with it and make it my own. I am lucky that there are a core group of CFDA members that only design eyewear. I gravitate towards what they do. I love mixing up different styles, materials, and sizes. In the morning when I am getting ready, I start with my glasses. They are the first thing I pick, then everything else I wear is built around the eyes.

NK: There are a lot of unique frames that can be seen as expressions of art standing alone. What defines a good pair of glasses to you?

SK: It really depends on the person who wears glasses and who is buying the frames. Now we don’t have to wear traditional frames. Many designers play with color, others allow you to change a pair of glasses into sunglasses. Now you see classic styles done a little bit differently by adjusting small elements. It’s about different materials, playing with scale and color.

NK: What is the best resource for men to find designer glasses?

SK: I would go to first. You can find out which of our designers are doing styles with licensed partners. Magazines, musicians, style blogs and celebrities are great resources to look and can offer an inside look.

Glasses credits: Steven personal collection, Toms, Barton Perreira, Leisure Society, Blake Kuwahara for Behnaz Sarafpour, Christian Roth, Robert Marc, Selima Optique, Oliver Peoples, Illesteva. For more info please email us.