Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Live Concert Photography

BRMC Peter Hayes 1 - Concert - Rock & Roll - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

With a pulsating drum beat and a sinister scream of a guitar the audience anticipation builds. The crowd’s excitement is so palpable it electrifies the air and fills the room with a sensual energy. Heartbeats quicken at the flash of the lights and a pulsating wave of sound engulfs them…

BRMC Peter Hayes 2

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

A silhouette sways in and out of a veil of smoke looming from an American Spirit decorously placed between the strings of a midnight black Gibson. Indicatively the silhouette is of Peter Hayes. The smoke trails his effortlessly smooth and fluid rhythm, as if his guitar were an extension of himself. Robert jaggedly thrusts his bass and methodically beats it, the crowd transfixed on his every movement. As differently as they move on stage, both play as if they are in a surreal alternate reality or perhaps locked in the same trance that has enslaved the crowd. Everyone’s senses are heightened and the energy now has a life of its own, it’s a living, breathing entity and the beat of Leah’s drums are its pulse. The crowd feels each verse and every chord in their blood down to the marrow, as if it were a part of them. And while some may say this could be a description of countless rock bands, true fans know it could only be Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

BRMC Robert Levon


Concert Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


BRMC Concert



Black Rebel Motorcycle Club 12


Photography by Juliana Bojorquez, Text by Tyesha Litz

B.R.M.C has taken crowds on one hell of a ride for 16 years now, gaining a cult following with their no-holds-barred attitude both on and off the stage. It is this fierce loyalty that sets B.R.M.C apart from other bands and enables their longevity in this industry. This devotion is not only based on the music they make, but on the content of the trios character, and the integrity in which they carry themselves in the music industry. In an over commercialized mass marketed industry with the emotional depth of a puddle, it is refreshing to have a band that has the continuity of character and substance within their style. Many artists are willing to sell out and compromise their artistic vision for money, B.R.M.C has risen above the superficial greed that permeates the music business with a misanthropic vehemence.

Through hardships such as label changes, lineup changes and even death, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has stayed true to their sound and loyal to their fans. While other bands have crumbled in face of such adversity, they have harnessed these experiences and used them to edify their sound. Needless to say; B.R.M.C will always rock the f**k out.