Dapper Dudes: the Evolution of 1930s Men’s Hairstyles

The 1930s was an era of great social change, and this was reflected in men’s hairstyles of the time. As the decade marked the beginning of the Great Depression, people began to favor more practical, economical styles of dress. At the same time, emerging technologies, such as mass-produced clothing and the introduction of the automobile, also influenced the way men dressed.

From the clean-cut styles of the early 1930s to the slicked back and pompadour looks of the mid-1930s, the men of the 1930s had a variety of options when it came to expressing their style. The early 1930s were characterized by a clean-cut, conservative look. 

1930s Men's Hairstyles inspiration

The most popular 1930s men’s hairstyle was the slicked-back look, which was achieved by using pomade or wax to slick the hair back and away from the face. This style was favored by men of all ages, though it was particularly popular among young men, as it had a youthful, modern look.

The combination of the Great Depression and the rise of technology also saw the emergence of a new “uniform” for men. At the time, men typically wore suits, dress shirts, and ties with a hat for formal occasions, and casual trousers and sweaters for everyday wear. This was a huge departure from the more extravagant, flashy styles of the 1920s, which had been popular prior to the economic downturn.

1930s Men Hairstyles
James Cagney 1930s Hollywood

Men wore classic suits with narrow lapels and trousers that were creased and cuffed at the bottom. These suits were often paired with thin ties, pocket squares, and classic fedoras. Hair was kept short and neat with side parts and slicked-back looks being popular. This style was also seen in the popular movie stars of the era, such as Clark Gable and James Cagney.

By the 1930s, men’s hairstyles had become more daring and flashy. Suits were wider and more colorful, ties became broader, and hats were less conservative in style. Haircuts were also becoming more daring.

1930s Men Hairstyles

The emergence of new technologies also had an impact on the 1930s men’s hairstyles. The invention of the electric razor made it easier for men to maintain short, neat haircuts, and this became the preferred style of the time. Men’s hair was typically cut close to the scalp and kept neat and tidy with the use of pomade or wax.

As the decade progressed, a variety of different cuts became popular, including the “ducktail”, which was a style that featured the hair combed back at the sides and a longer length in the back.

1930s Hairstyles for men

The 1930s was a time of great social change, and this was reflected in the way men dressed and groomed themselves. The emergence of new technologies, coupled with the economic downturn, saw a shift away from the more extravagant styles of the 1920s, towards a more practical and economical approach to dressing.

Men’s hair was typically kept short and neat, and the “uniform” of suits, dress shirts, and ties became the norm. The decade also saw the emergence of several new haircuts, such as the “ducktail”, which remains a popular style to this day.

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