Month: March 2016

album cover The Body No One Deserves Happiness

Isolationist Pop: The Body – No One Deserves Happiness (Thrill Jockey)

Pop music is designed to be a salve for modern living – a way to blow off some steam after our 80-hour a week jobs, letting us lose ourselves in some escapist fantasy for a bit as we listen to Top 40 hip-hop artists talk about booze we can’t afford to drink, clothes we can’t afford to wear, trips we can’t afford to take, in a simulacrum of pleasure and desire. Pop Music can be both necessary AND dangerous. Pop music also brings us a sense of community, of belonging, in the increasingly atomized world we live in. It’s all too easy to feel like you’re living on one of the jigsaw puzzles in the background of Salvador Dali’s The Disintegration Of The Persistence Of Memory, as any sense of familiarity or normalcy plummets into the void of unknowing, right below our feet. It can be comforting to find some like minds and kindred spirits in the freefall, either dishing up real connections or the illusion of intimacy. Either one will suffice, in the Long …

Mia and Margot

NYC DJ/Violin Duo “The Dolls” To Commemorate Artpace’s 21st Anniversary As Part Of “The Happening” Gala

Fashion is a complicated beast. Clothes are supposed to look natural and easeful, from the most elaborate Marie Antoinette cocktail gown to our ratty, dressed-down, ripped-up jeans. Otherwise, we run the risk of our clothes wearing us, instead of the other way around. Clothing should appear light, organic, fitting us like a second skin. This natural ease often requires insanely elaborate engineering behind the scenes, to achieve this effortless grace. This balance of spontaneity and careful planning perfectly describes NYC duo The Dolls, featuring the beat manipulations of DJ Mia Moretti and classical violinist Margot. Speaking to the balance between spontaneity and discipline, The Dolls told the website Into The Gloss: “I think there’s a really nice balance of discipline and spontaneity. And between the two, I think, grows something very free.” The Dolls draw a direct comparison between their music, style, and fashion. “I think beauty, for us, just feels secondary—but not in a negative way. I think that it comes with the territory. We don’t get on stage without thinking about our outfit first just …

Muxes of Juchitan

The Muxes of Juchitan: Unapologetically Being Who They Want To Be

While the “machismo” social construct continues to root deeply in Mexican culture, and homophobic sentiment still runs high, it may come as a surprise to hear that the country is also home to one of the most gender-bending societies to date; and it’s allegedly been that way for thousands of years. Nestled near the Guatemalan border and a six hour drive from the southern city of Oaxaca sits the dusty district of Juchitan. Not a lot goes on around here, and from a distance the townspeople appear to pursue the mundane rituals of work life and getting their hair done. It’s not until you notice the extravagant make up, fluttering false eyelashes of the hairdresser and the masculine build beneath her summer dress that you realize something beautiful is going on in Juchitan.     Meet the Muxes. Not woman, nor man, but considered a gender of it’s own. Muxes (pronounced moo-shays) is a term is derived from ancient Zapotec dialect to define the vast community of gay men who choose to dress as women …

Album Cover Dalhous

When Are We Not Who We Are? Dalhous – “The Composite Moods Vol. 1: House Number 44”

Much has been made, of late, as to the malleable, fluid nature of identity. Daily, we discuss the ramifications of systemic bias; of The Other and our reluctance towards, or embracing of, another point of view. The boundaries of “the self” are not concrete – we are not walled off like some isolationist state. We are open, porous, to all manner of environmental stimuli. We are what we eat, so to speak. So what effect does the environment have on us? What influence, other people? And what happens when that influence goes sour? The Composite Moods Vol. 1: House Number 44 is an exploration of interacting psyches, from London’s Dalhous, on the ever exquisite Blackest Ever Black. The Composite Moods volume 1 posits some hypothetical house, House Number 44, occupied by two random personalities on the hinterlands of society. One of the roommates views themselves as perfectly fine and healthy – a sane, well-adjusted human being. The other is seemingly a mess, “detached, isolated, often feeling helpless and unable to influence the world around them; …

food waste featured

Eyes Bigger than Our Stomach: The Perilous Food Waste Regime

Waste not, want not is how the old saying goes. The proverbial ideology that if one were to utilize commodity or resource in a wise manner, they will have enough in the long run. And in theory, it makes sense. However, in an era where suppliers are racing to meet the heightening demands of Western consumers, mama’s motto is lost in the dust. We want more; the bigger the better. Yet as we have the privileged access to a stocked fridge and fast ready meals at our greasy fingertips, we take it for granted, rabidly chewing a whole lot more than we can swallow. Research analysts have discovered that approximately one third of food produced around the world goes uneaten. That’s 1.3 billion tons that is lost or tossed in the dump every year. (source: The United States alone wastes up to 40% of their food, about 60 million metric tons of food that is tossed yearly, with an estimated value of $162 billion. About 40 million metric tons of it end up in municipal landfills, …


Accentuating the Human with Sweden’s Obscur

At this particular nexus of spacetime, with several thousand years of accumulated art and trends behind our backs, it can be perplexing to know which way to turn. It’s hard enough to wrap our minds around the present, let alone foretell what the future will hold. Fashion, however, perhaps more so than any other artform or medium, is concerned with the future, as well as being tasked with defining the present, partially by providing the style. With each passing year, there is a push towards being more ostentatious, more boundary-pushing, more edgy, in the quest to create novel looks. Moving also alongside technology, incorporating new textiles, textures, and production techniques as they become available – just one more way that fashion is the most futurist of the arts. But there is also a reactionary response to this acceleration, an opposition to this rushing velocity. Designers turn their back on the gaudiness, to focus on austere details in a stark, minimalist twin to futurism. With every collection, designers have to navigate these polarizing physics – to either become …

The Time In Between, a photo editorial by Tiffany Nicholson

“Over the years there have been many times when my destiny has delivered me unexpected moments, unforeseen twists and turns that I’ve had to handle on the fly as they appeared. Occasionally I was ready for them; very often I wasn’t. Never, however, was I so aware of entering a new stage as I was that afternoon in October when I finally dared to cross the threshold and my steps sounded hollowly in the unfurnished apartment. Behind me was a complicated past, and in front of me, like an omen, I could see a space opening out, a great empty space that time would take care of filling up. But with what? With things, and affections. With moments, sensations, and people: with life.” — from “The Time In Between” by María Dueñas. Photo editorial by NYC-based photographer Tiffany Nicholson. Stylist Natalie Washuta outfitted model Bruna Buenos (Muse NYC) in vintage pieces from Ramble Clothing and vintage Oscar de la Renta, Hair and Makeup Amanda Wilson.        

Fun Molly Party - Tulle Dress and Tshirt

A Couple of Fashion Designers [to Follow]: Molly Goddard and Daniel Silverstain

Taking inspiration from the past and incorporating those elements to form contemporary pieces is a common thing among designers. Two womenswear designers who have been very successful at this are newcomers Molly Goddard and Daniel Silverstain. While their design aesthetic couldn’t be more different, both create collections that evoke positivity and optimism; they are feel-good garments that are much-needed additions to update and refresh the wardrobe. Goddard, who is based in London, never expected that her debut collection would accidentally become a successful business. After leaving her MA course at Central Saint Martins, she decided to start her own line and put together a 22-piece collection in six weeks. Under a tight budget, she decided to forego the conventional runway presentation and threw the aptly named ‘Fun Molly Party’ instead, and invited her friends and family to model her designs, which comprised of sheer tulle dresses with voluminous skirts. Worn over their everyday clothes of vintage t-shirts and jeans, the tulle dresses became an unexpected hit, with orders soon placed by Dover Street Market. Her …

Thug Entrancer - Arcology

The Sound Of Celestial (& Earthly) Harmony: Thug Entrancer – “Arcology”

Since the very beginning, electronic music has always been exploring alien worlds, conjuring images of whirling discs, horseshoe nebulae, and strange, alien races. Whether this is due to electronic music’s arsenal of non-acoustic sound generators – synths and drum machines – which can produce pure, mathematical tones not possible in the natural world; or because of early sci-fi’s adoption of said signal generators to soundtrack their far out fever dreams, is difficult to say for certain. But whether it’s the soundtracks for SF classics like Fantastic Planet or the original Dr. Who score from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the shifting patterns of the “Berlin School [of electronic music]” of Tangerine Dream, or the amorphous ambiance of beat-less Aphex Twin, electronic music is particularly adept at portraying new worlds, as well as our own, at times. Electronic music took a brief detour into the mainstream, starting in the ’70s, with the dawn of rave/EDM/disco, which was all well and good, not to mention inevitable, given the laser-precision of electronic music’s tonal sculpting. It might have been inevitable, …


The Moto, Justin Gossman for Sav Noir AW 2016 (Exclusive)

When it was first unleashed on an unsuspecting suburban populace in the 1950’s, rock ‘n’ roll was perceived as a threat. A menace to society, comparable to the Red Scare that threatened the “American way of life” with its loose hips and morals. Considering the furor, tumult, and outcry, it’s kind of disappoint r ‘n’ r  has become the most bland of lifestyle accessories – a facsimile of rebellion, but still in bed by 11. Los Angeles-based fashion label Sav Noir is doing its bit to turn that around. Influenced by the untamed life well after the sun has set. They’re making dark, chic clothes for “the matured, rebellious souls of our era. The ones whom fear nothing, or no one,” as they put it. Sav Noir AW’16 “The Moto” film tells the painful story of chasing a rock’n’roll dream following model Justin Gossman as a young rock ‘n’ roller, through his dreams of fame, fortune, and excess, through to the painful, vacuous existence of a struggling artist. Watch Gossmann go from sleek, stylish nightlife to the …