Month: May 2013


Lucas by Nicolas Wagner

Straight from the pages of our 4th issue, photographer Nicolas Wagner shot Basque model Lucas Valerdi at Nathalie Models. Styled by Storny + Misericordia, Production Jeanne Hancock, Production Assistant: Amandine Weppe.


Skeletons in Draemings Closet

Skeletons in Dramings Closet Usually, the first things that come to mind when we hear the words “ritual and seance” are bible bashers or goth girls in black lipstick. We think seizure like gyrations and speaking in weird tongues. Yet we overlook the practice of creating music, art, photos and everything in between can be a ritulistic seance of its own. We dance rhythmically to the music, the tempo holds us- as beats pulsate; enthralling us. We sing and chant to lyrics that may or may not have tangible meaning to us; like having faith in something that is not really there. In photos we take on beings that we may not want to see staring back at us in the mirror, yet release them with the click of a shutter. Here, Dræmings sheds light on her music, rituals of her own, and that embracing the darkness can be as uplifting as holding onto the light. photography by Kalin December, interview by Juliana Bojorquez, makeup Austin Mark. Visit  for more info VAGA: Like a diary entry, …


Taylor Mead last Andy Warhol’s superstar

Taylor Mead died last Wednesday, May 8th at the age of 88, after over 70 years on the stage. The spunky, wry, and sometimes irreverent actor, performer, playwright, poet, and painter, was still performing every week. Only interrupted the past April when he agreed to leave his tenement apartment in the LES after a long-time battle with the landlords. The following interview was originally published in our 3rd issue in March 2012. New York, December 2011 –Born into and hated by a stuffy, affluent family, Taylor Mead, whose self- described dramatic debut went down at Grosse Point High School in 1930s Michigan, went on to work and party with such greats as Andy Warhol, Frank O’Hara, Dennis Hopper, and Jim Jarmusch. His roles in such films as Lonesome Cowboys (1968), The Queen of Sheba meets the Atom Man (1968), and Tarzan and Jane Regained…Sort Of (1964) were key contributions to a dynamic era of film in the ‘60s led by Andy Warhol, his collaborators, and his contemporaries. Sheet 8 from “Fairy Tale Poem,” Taylor Mead, …

Lucien Hervé: Le Corbusier in India at agnes b.

Lucien Hervé: Le Corbusier in India is currently on view at agnès b. Galerie Boutique (50 Howard St, New York). Hervé worked alongside Le Cobursier as his “official” photographer for more than 16 years, taking thousands of photographs of the architect’s work. The photographs in this exhibition were taken during two trips to India, one in 1955 and one in 1961. The exhibition explores the humanistic and the architectural dimension of some of the most spectacular, evolving cities of the mid-20th century. Image credits: The Accuser, Delhi, India, 1955. See More Images High Court, Chandigarh, 1961. High Court, Chandigarh, 1955. High Court of Justice, Chandigarh, India, 1955. Mill Owners’ Association Building, Ahmedabad, India, 1955. High Court of Justice, Chandigarh, India, 1955. Le Corbusier and Lucien Hervé at the High Court, Chandigarh, India, 1955. (photographer unknown)


Without You I’m Nothing

Inspired by Placebo‘s 1998 album “Without you I’m nothing” – Photographer Cochi Esse, Stylist Nicoletta Cianci, Model  Anna Tatton @ Nevs Agency London, Hair Yumi Nakada-Dingle using Aveda, Makeup Kamila Siemiatkowska using Illamasqua, Assistant Lei S. Models wears: top DOLCE & GABBANA, hat UMA TURAN. See More Images Skirt and top LIZ BLACK, jewelry LEI SIHAN – Lion Studio Hat and little doll UMA TURAN, Dress LIZ BLACK top DOLCE & GABBANA, hat UMA TURAN   Hat UMA TURAN, Dress LIZ BLACK Hat UMA TURAN,  red jacket LIZ BLACK, skirt PRADA Top and skirt LIZ BLACK,  hat UMA TURAN Skirt and top LIZ BLACK, jewelry LEI SIHAN – Lion Studio