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Strelka Press: Architecture, Design, and a New Kind of Book

Strelka Institute has its headquarters on an island in the Moscow river — but for all that their programs resemble the troubled city surrounding them, they may as well be on an island in the middle of the ocean. Design is business; Strelka operates as a nonprofit. Academia is fractured into specialized niches; Strelka students reject discipline, sharing a single course of study with roots in architecture and art, but calling itself by neither title. And most importantly, while Publishing is dying, Strelka Press is thriving. Since launching an initial series of print and ebooks in 2012 from a curated group of writers with urbanism backgrounds, the press has continued to produce a steady stream of beautifully designed books — touching on subjects as diverse as the Internet of Things and the linked histories of Soviet architecture in Russia and China. I’ve never thought that I need to study only to get a profession. —Natasha Kupriyanova, Strelka student While the books themselves are engaging on their own merits (and bound by a minimal 2.0 graphic …