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Andre Johnson

Andre Johnson’s story is not for the weary. His life begins like so many of today’s oppressed urban black men. The 33 year old gay male was raised in the projects of Newark, New Jersey in the 1980s by a struggling single mom. But in spite of the darkness, he managed to find a method to the mayhem: ‘Kill the world with kindness and do it in a lovely frock to boot!‘ Andre’s good vibrations haven’t gone unnoticed either; turning the heads of everyone from Patricia Fields and Jay Leno to French Vogue and “The New York Times”. Andre’s ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude could very well be the start of a new fashion renaissance of gender-bending freedom that started right here in NYC! Photography Michael Flores, interview Abbey Miller, words by Robbie Sosa. Abbey Miller: I saw an interview where you said somebody thought you looked like Jesus, and you said you and he shared some qualities. What about you is Christ-LIke? Andre Johnson: Well, I can part the sea. Or, at least …