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The Surreal Eroticism of Greek artist Kostis Fokas

Kostis Fokas photographs are vividly realistic and sensual. They seem to be alive while still managing to stay surreal and depict more than just a human body; they convey a liberating feeling of freedom that motivates viewers to reveal their true essence without fear of being judged. Acceptance of our physical nature is one of Fokas’ recurring themes. Indeed, the artist’s work is very somatic and erotic, but with a dash of humor and a pinch of weirdness. We see real people exposing their desires, expressing themselves, trying to find inner balance among the beautiful surroundings of his native Crete —which adds to the composition some notes of Mediterranean sensuality—. Most of his work focus on the human physique and corporality. “Through my photos I wish to present a new take on the human body and explore its infinite capabilities. The use of quirky, and sometimes hidden faces communicates exactly that.” Just as the Surrealists were fascinated with mirrors, self-reflection is another high point for Fokas. They are a pathway to connect with different realities. He uses mirrors …