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Street Heroines - Alexandra Henry - Magrela

“Street Heroines”, a film by Alexandra Henry documenting female graffiti and street artists

There are still areas that remain male-dominated; situations in which women aren’t as widely represented as their male counterparts. When it comes to the fascinating world of graffiti and street art this is an issue that is all-too familiar to female artists. Alexandra Henry is an American photographer and producer who aims to bring the struggle of sexism in art to life through her first documentary: “Street Heroines“. Not only does she get to share her own story, but also those of 25 other female street-artists. The film is a documentary piece on the courage and creativity of female graffiti & street artists from around the world. Throughout her travels between São Paulo and NY, Henry became fascinated and influenced by Brazilian street-art and its culture. She is inspired to readjust her focus by getting to know other women; all with different back-stories, but all sharing the same similar interests and love towards street-art and graffiti. It was also through this filming that Henry became more involved in the political activism that existed among the South American female …


Eyewriter Brings Grassroots Tech to Urban Streets

What happens when an artist looses their hands? A new tool from a unique creative team at allows disabled artists to literally express their eye for design. When LA graffiti artist Tempt One was diagnosed with the degenerative disease ALS, it seemed that hope was lost. The once-prolific artist became completely paralyzed, with his only connection to the outside world the eye-tracking computer systems available to the profoundly paralyzed. But the story doesn’t end there. By partnering with a collection of arts and technology organizations including OpenFrameworks, FAT Lab, and the Graffiti Research Lab, Tempt One has grasped onto eye-tracking technology as a life raft and begun the development of a new medium: an open source, widely available eye-tracking system to allow paralyzed artists to share their visions with the world. “Art is a tool of empowerment and social change, and I consider myself blessed to be able to create and use my work to promote health reform, bring awareness about ALS and help others.” —Tempt One For a pop culture whose only exposure …