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// FLEUR // a photo editorial by Anaïck Crozon

We put on our faux-sex coats / Flooded lungs grafted to our ribs / Girls in phagocyted dresses / With whiskey throats / In dislocated rhythms / Men with tobacco voices / And baroque hair / My cigarette’s medulla ablaze The pomegranate resonates as / We bite into its meat / The cloudy ceiling melts on your face / Pearly as semen now canonical / Now fragmented now teratological God, we were more glorious last night / We looked so much better seen  / Through the looking-glass —poem “Fêtes Galantes” by  Gabriel Kunst, Photography Anaïck Crozon, stylist & casting Rhona Ezuma, makeup Lara Himpelmann, hair Issac Poleon, Model Fleur at M+P Models, stylist assistant Christelle Rogers  Jumpsuit SUPERSWEET X MOUMI Top MINKI CHENG, skirt PULLA, trainers K- SWISS Coat MONKI, dress TO BE ADORED, skirt stylist’s own, trainers K-SWISS Top AK STUDIOS, trousers GYO YUNI KIMCHOE Zip shirt stylist’s own, dress TO BE ADORED