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Accentuating the Human with Sweden’s Obscur

At this particular nexus of spacetime, with several thousand years of accumulated art and trends behind our backs, it can be perplexing to know which way to turn. It’s hard enough to wrap our minds around the present, let alone foretell what the future will hold. Fashion, however, perhaps more so than any other artform or medium, is concerned with the future, as well as being tasked with defining the present, partially by providing the style. With each passing year, there is a push towards being more ostentatious, more boundary-pushing, more edgy, in the quest to create novel looks. Moving also alongside technology, incorporating new textiles, textures, and production techniques as they become available – just one more way that fashion is the most futurist of the arts. But there is also a reactionary response to this acceleration, an opposition to this rushing velocity. Designers turn their back on the gaudiness, to focus on austere details in a stark, minimalist twin to futurism. With every collection, designers have to navigate these polarizing physics – to either become …