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Grimes Art Angels Album Cover

Well That Was Metal: Grimes – “Art Angels” album review

Claire Boucher, aka Grimes, is the spokesperson for a certain type of sad girl/boy. They probably have a Tumblr and/or Instagram. They may or may not have non-organic colored hair. They are creative, and don’t feel like they fit in anywhere. Except, at this point, there are a lot of us. Grimes’ shot-heard-round-the-world, 2012’s Visions, trickled from the underground like a demon-possessed river of bubbling crude. You can practically hear the obsession, feel the strain of late nights half-bent over a Macbook screwing beats into corkscrews of twisted metal and regret. Visions came out of nowhere, and went everywhere. How does Claire Boucher follow-up, with 3 years absence and a million expectations to fulfill? What happens when the World’s Most Misunderstood Artist is also the world’s most popular? “California”, the first song on Art Angels with discernible lyrics, tackles this paradox head-on. “California, you only like me when I’m sad,” she sings. It’s a properly miserablist sentiment, but the music is bright, bold, powerful, and direct. art angels: album cover. music & video next week …

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Nicole Dollanganger – Natural Born Losers review

Stoufville, Ontario’s Nicole Dollanganger delivers a dark, sweet mumblecore folk record for Grimes’ new imprint, Eerie Organization. It’s hard not to draw comparisons between Nicole Dollanganger’s atmospheric folk-tinted bedroom rock and Harmony Korine’s filmography. On Natural Born Losers, there’s “A Marvelous Persona”, a nod to Gummo’s larger-than-life bad boy Tummler, he of the marvelous persona. Dollanganger has previously referenced Korine’s directorial debut, following “Bunny Boy” from 2014’s BabyLand, along with a haunting homage to Beverly Marsh from Stephen King’s “It”. Bunny boys, cool losers, battered heroines haunted by abusive fathers and homicidal shape-shifting clowns, all of these images would be at home in a Nicole Dollanganger record. Like Korine’s work, there is nothing all that ominous and unsettling on the surface of Dollanganger’s ghostly folk music. Korine’s movies focus on the lives of the fringe dwellers – trailer park denizens and celebrity impostors. Korine shows the darkness and desperation of “normal people” eking out an existence, but not as some morality tale. The darkness is just a shade and texture, like a cloud passing across …

Churches - Every Open Eye

Chvrches – Every Open Eye

Emma Goldman was famously quoted as saying “Any revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having.” On Scottish synthpop band’s breakout debut The Bones Of What You Believe, Chvrches paired infectious melodies and club beats with the brittle militancy of post-punk, suggesting an army of camo-wearing anarchists out for a night on the town, letting off some steam. On Every Open Eye, it seems that the dancing is the revolution, updating the blurry, cinematic M83-indebted anthems to an album of bright, shiny, major-key primary-colored club bangers wouldn’t sound out of place on a Carly Rae Jepsen or Taylor Swift record. And while this progression risks Chvrches sounding like everybody else out there and eradicating what is unique and special, Chvrches overcome this trap with hard work and insane attention to detail. Every Open Eye offers one up-tempo club anthem after another, only slackening the momentum with the slow-dance balladry of “High Enough” and finale “Bow Down”, perfect soundtracks for your next ‘80s revival prom. The homogoneity of the tempos and reliance on bright major-key synths …


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club concert

With a pulsating drum beat and a sinister scream of a guitar the audience anticipation builds. The crowd’s excitement is so palpable it electrifies the air and fills the room with a sensual energy. Heartbeats quicken at the flash of the lights and a pulsating wave of sound engulfs them… Photography by Juliana Bojorquez, Text by Tyesha Litz A silhouette sways in and out of a veil of smoke looming from an American Spirit decorously placed between the strings of a midnight black Gibson. Indicatively the silhouette is of Peter Hayes. The smoke trails his effortlessly smooth and fluid rhythm, as if his guitar were an extension of himself. Robert jaggedly thrusts his bass and methodically beats it, the crowd transfixed on his every movement. As differently as they move on stage, both play as if they are in a surreal alternate reality or perhaps locked in the same trance that has enslaved the crowd. Everyone’s senses are heightened and the energy now has a life of its own, it’s a living, breathing entity and …

The Black Angels

On and Off Stage The Black Angels Take Me For a Ride

Live, The Black Angels take you through a time warp, not necessarily to the past but to something very novel. In a musical sense, they are what the past is to now; nostalgic yes, outdated never. –text and photography by Juliana Bojorquez /// With psychedelic visuals veiling over them, The Black Angels opened their Webster Hall show with “Viking,” a song from their Directions to See a Ghost album.The perfect intro with haunting vocals and ritualistic drum beats. Just the type of song to ease one into the shows psychedelic trance. Songs from their 1st album Passover, were performed with the same spontaneity and intensity as songs off their newest album; Indigo Meadow. Perhaps it was the effects of the sweet smoke that filled the air, or a nearby fan cooling me with its breeze, but as Alex Maas sang: “Rolling fast down I-35. Supersonic overdrive,” it made me feel as if riding through the desert on a motorbike, wind blowing through my hair, holding on for dear life. Favorites such as “Young Men Dead,” …


Skeletons in Draemings Closet

Skeletons in Dramings Closet Usually, the first things that come to mind when we hear the words “ritual and seance” are bible bashers or goth girls in black lipstick. We think seizure like gyrations and speaking in weird tongues. Yet we overlook the practice of creating music, art, photos and everything in between can be a ritulistic seance of its own. We dance rhythmically to the music, the tempo holds us- as beats pulsate; enthralling us. We sing and chant to lyrics that may or may not have tangible meaning to us; like having faith in something that is not really there. In photos we take on beings that we may not want to see staring back at us in the mirror, yet release them with the click of a shutter. Here, Dræmings sheds light on her music, rituals of her own, and that embracing the darkness can be as uplifting as holding onto the light. photography by Kalin December, interview by Juliana Bojorquez, makeup Austin Mark. Visit  for more info VAGA: Like a diary entry, …


…And God Created Shirley Manson by Mason Poole

When the time came for grunge to take a shower, one woman epitomized the sleek, techno-forward convergence of rock and electronica. With warrior’s armor — dark eyeliner, ankle boots, and a sharp, uncompromising tongue — Shirley Manson was the consummate idol for a legion of Darklings, a generation of adolescents going through puberty in an uncertain time of intense pre-millennium tension and violence. Now that we are all adults here, Garbage has become a band beloved by everyone from the girl smoking in the bathroom to my mom (try to name another band who sampled Salt-N-Pepa and the Beach Boys…in the same song). Now, with a legion of fans waiting, Garbage is releasing their fifth album of new music on their own label, Stunvolume, and it’s time to catch up with the real woman with the most cake. —text and interview: Roberto Reyes, photography: Mason Poole, fashion: Marjan Malakpour @ Margaret Maldonado Agency, fashion assistants: Sheena Annikki Templeton, Marnika Weiss, hair: Pamela Neal @ Margaret Maldonado, makeup: Donald Simrock @ Margaret Maldonado, manicurist: Jamayka Hamilton, …

Popular Computer

Paris-based Sylvain Dalido, Popular Computer, is back with an extraordinary new album called LiTE. Beautifully sunny summer sounds mixed with the Japanese simplicity for melody and arrangement. LiTE is a thoroughly modern piece of work, a very distinct take on French electronic music. ‘LiTE’ is coming out at the start of 2012 on new label home, Schmooze (Chilly Gonzales, Edwin Van Cleef and Housse De Racket). Single ‘Lointain’, featuring remixes from Pharao Black Magic, plus hot, young North American producers Robotaki and Blue Satellite, will precede it. ‘LiTE’ will be released on 20th February 2012 through Schmooze Recordings. Watch the video >>


Misty Miller Acoustic

Misty miller is a veritable ingénue of folk/pop. With a small ukulele, a big voice and a pure heart she has strummed up a strong, influential and growing following. She was featured as one of the first artists picked for Christopher Bailey’s Burberry Acoustic, a platform that showcases young and new British artists. these ongoing acoustic sessions are shared with the global Burberry audience. since then misty has had her debut EP on MySpace and released her first album. aaron radford-Wattley was lucky enough to meet with the very lovely misty miller in the swarovski Crystallized café in central london. –interview by Aaron Radford-Wattley, photography Nicole Maria Winkler, fashion Katie Burnett, hair Kota Suizu, stylist assistant Chloe Pierre. Special thanks to Anthony Gordon @ Premier ManagementIn terms of music, which artists have influenced you? Misty Miller: Lots of artists for the 2nd album. But it’s really hard to think of (specific) artists because I don’t really listen to artists and think ‘Yeah, that’s it.’ I just have music on and I pick things from it. I’d …