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Valeria Petrone Plays With Witty Characters And Odd Situations To Create Fantastic Illustrations

The world of Valeria Petrone is filled with many characters. They animate the illustrations she draws for adults in magazines and for children in books. From men and women with big observant eyes to cats, dogs and birds casually striking a pose; the cast is deliciously enchanting and entertaining. The artist is an illustrator with many talents. She juggles from children’s books to serious editorials for magazines, newspapers and ad campaigns from Italy, the UK and the US. She keeps a humorous style whether she’s designing for an informative article or a playful story. Valeria Petrone is often commissioned to create an atmosphere to go along a text. Her methodology consists of letting her mind wander while reading the text. While doing so, images come to her mind.  She associates these snapshots to the words and then begins drawing. The set-up and characters express an idea or a feeling. We could imagine the entire story by only looking at the imagery. The main character is always put in a situation that makes us wonder about …


Bright and Personal: the Gouache Paintings of Mogu Takahashi

Japanese artist Mogu Takahashi embodies the best of the outsider art trend. Tilted perpectives, personal subjects, and child-like scrawl burst from the pages of her popular guache drawings. Subjects that seem ordinary — flower pots, pajama pants, persian cats — become sublimely colored compositions that remind the viewer of the excitement only a child (or child at heart) can have about their surroundings. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the self-described self-taught artist’s biggest collaborations have been creating objects for children; including collaborations with Little Red Stuga in Sweden as well as Japanese fashion line Chambre de Charme. Takahashi’s deceptively simple characters and creations find an especially appropriate home in houseware collaborations, decorating the sorts of household objects she frequently studies on paper. Take a look at her online store for a beatiful gallery of ceramics and other household objects brought to life with carefully-placed eyes and subtle brush textures. What’s really captivating about Takahashi’s work is the element of daily practice invoked in projects like her daily journals, which are available in full at her website. For …


Before Fierce: Remembering Fashion Illustrator Tony Viramontes

— words by Ashlee Girdner An Amazonian woman draped in exotic materials stands before him trying to change her pose as rapidly as the young artist finishes another drawing. His vibrant eyes move over the model capturing more than the newest fashion in which she is adorned; he is able to put on the page a bold and palpable as well. When Viramontes worked, he did so in a fervor. Frank Anthony Viramontes was born in Santa Monica, California to first generation Mexican parents. Having an artistic inclination at a young age, Tony drew everything from cheerleaders to matadors, finding himself enamored by their bright garments. His supportive parents would bring young Tony along to bullfights in nearby Tijuana where he developed an intense appreciation for elegant yet brash masculinity. The way in which Tony would illustrate throughout his career was reminiscent of the toreador’s movements that he studied as a boy. Seizing the aggressive and energetic styles of the 1980’s came naturally to him. With the slashing stroke of his charcoal pencil, he was …