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Paradise Superm by Slava Mogutin

Paradise Superm is an art editorial by Slava Mogutin published on VAGA #4 – “The Confidence Issue” – Mogutin is a New York-based Russian-American artist and writer, exiled from Russia for his outspoken writrings and activism. Mogutin’s work is informed by his bicultural literary and dissident background, as well as his extensive travels around the world, encompassing the themes of urban youth subcultures and adolescent sexuality; the clash of social norms and individual desires; transgressive, radical expressions of masculinity and gender crossover; cultural alienation and political discontent; the tension between attachment and loneliness, violence and love. Model: Brian Kenny, Shot on location in Costa Rica. SEE MORE

Pixel Art by Joo Jaebum

Joo Jaebum is a digital artist based in Seoul, South Korea. His work offers an interesting twist on pixel art and the very popular use of GIF animation. More than just creating digital replicas of the world’s master paintings, Joo’s pixel art depicts a twenty-first century take on pieces by Johannes Vermeer, Damien Hirst or Klimt, among others. His artwork is also printed on OHC film, a special kind of transparency film that offers a closer likeness to the screen, according to the artist.      


Clenched Soul a photo editorial and a Poem by Pablo Neruda

“We have lost even this twilight. No one saw us this evening hand in hand, while the blue night dropped on the world… Sometimes a piece of sun burned like a coin in my hand. I remembered you with my soul clenched in that sadness of mine that you know…” by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Photography by San Francisco-based photographer Hana Haley We have lost even this twilight. No one saw us this evening hand in hand while the blue night dropped on the world. I have seen from my window the fiesta of sunset in the distant mountain tops. Sometimes a piece of sun burned like a coin in my hand. I remembered you with my soul clenched in that sadness of mine that you know. Where were you then? Who else was there? Saying what? Why will the whole of love come on me suddenly when I am sad and feel you are far away? The book fell that always closed at twilight and my blue sweater rolled like a hurt dog at …

Berlin by Erwin Olaf

Berlin is a new series of photographs by Erwin Olaf which are set in the German capital. The series, composed of scenes and portraits, allude to a painful past in a photographed present, while self portraits of Olaf reflect an aging future. On view through April 27, 2013, HASTED KRAEUTLER – 537 West 24th Street, NYC This page: Erwin Olaf, Berlin, Porträt 05, 9th of July, 2012 – Previous page: Erwin Olaf, Berlin, Clärchens Ballhaus Mitte, 10th  of July, 2012 – © Erwin Olaf, Courtesy of the artist / Hasted Kraeutler gallery, NYC Erwin Olaf, Berlin, Olympia Stadion Westend Selbstporträt, 25th of April, 2012 – © Erwin Olaf, Courtesy of the artist / Hasted Kraeutler gallery, NYC Erwin Olaf, Berlin, Porträt 01, 22nd of April, 2012 – © Erwin Olaf, Courtesy of the artist / Hasted Kraeutler gallery, NYC

Kenny Kenny 13 at Strange Loop

Photographer Alice O’Malley collaborates with NY nightlife legend Kenny Kenny to reveal the icon’s many guises in her current show entitled “Kenny Kenny 13” at Strange Loop Gallery. “These pictures were made years ago in Kenny’s dressing room, four flights up in a Greenwich Village flat. The space was so small that he would stand in one corner, while I climbed on the radiator kitty-corner. The wardrobe and everything else is Kenny’s own.” (O’Malley) O’Malley’s portraits of New York artists comprise an intimate photographic archive of and for those who have shared in the culture of the Lower East Side. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in the US and Europe and published in iD, Art in America, Flash Art and New York Times Magazine. Strange Loop Gallery and The Bureau of General Services — Queer Division 27 Orchard Street, New York March 8-31st, 2013 All images courtesy of Strange Loop Gallery.

Artist Adel Abdessemed at David Zwirner New York

Across a wide range of media, artist Adel Abdessemed transforms well-known materials and imagery into charged artistic declarations. The artist pulls freely from myriad sources–personal, historical, social, and political–to create a visual language that is simultaneously rich and economical, sensitive and controversial, radical and mundane… Born in 1971 in Constantine, Algeria, Adel Abdessemed studied at the École des beaux-arts de Batna and the École des beaux-arts d’Alger, Algiers and the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon. He was an artist-in-residence at the Cité internationale des Arts de Paris in 1999-2000, and the following year at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center’s International Studio Program in Long Island City, New York. He now lives and works in Paris. © Adel Abdessemed, ADAGP Paris 2013 Courtesy the artist and David Zwirner New York/London Current Show: “Le Vase Abominable” February 22 through March 30, 2013 David Zwirner Gallery London W1S 4EZ For more information: This image: Le Vase abominable, 2012-2013 Previous image: Taxidermy, 2010 Cri, 2013 56 inches Ivory Telle mère tel fils, 2008 27 x 4 x …

Magdalena Nishe

I don’t know how many times I’ve read your last letter. I know the words by heart now; they’re embedded in my skin. I keep our souvenirs from… Photography by Magdalena Nishe, Words by Jesse Michael Renaud. Continue Reading… I keep our souvenirs from the last year nearby. I lay them out often to recall our steps, to etch the memories into my mind. I touch each one and whisper your name, move on to the next. Do you remember the meadow in April, sheathed in morning fog? Do you remember the stepping stones in the river? I keep things from before you even knew who I was, when I could only watch from a distance. These I brush over as well, until I am lost inside you, and certain that our story will never fade from my mind… The nights are long and the depth of the ache cannot be measured. The north winds have returned, leaving behind little trace of summer. I often wake to a world of delicate frost. You are not …

Ernesto Artillo Collage Artist

Madrid-based artist Ernesto Artillo uses intricate mechanisms – cut out shapes, scissor and paper – to create imaginative figures that transform the pages of fashion and art magazines. Metaphysical representations on glossy finish.  


This is the third editorial in a collection dedicated to upcoming artists and photographers living outside the circles of major fashion centers. In this story Nashville-based photographer Jesse Koska brings Southern innocence to the edge of darker nuances. “With cold concrete, dixie cotton, and a touch from winters death covered forest, we captured a blend of 19th century sweet and eerie.” Model Ash at MACS|AMAX