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MAD NYC, What Have We Done, The Catastrophe of Homelessness

— An exclusive photo editorial piece by photographer Alberto Alcocer. Words by Maya Amoah. Images below were shot in New York City and Madrid.  It’s 2 AM and the lights of Time Square brilliantly shine like no other place in the world. Pixelated images in every direction flash before the eyes of both tourists and New Yorkers alike and if this doesn’t keep them transfixed, the juggling street busker who breathes fire surely does. On a sunny day in hot July, children eagerly lap up melting sundaes and chow on some Coney Island chili fries, strolling the sand dusted boardwalk with mama and old Pops. “Isn’t life grand, dear?” Mom whispers into dad’s ear as she sweetly kisses his head. Indeed it is, for those who can afford it. Nestled under the steps of a merry go round just meters from the Coney Island boardwalk lives an invisible man. His decrepit figure and hapless fortune has deemed him unseen to society, yet he is just 1 of over 60,000 New Yorkers who hold membership to this impoverished underworld. “It wasn’t …

Kerry James Marshall, Art History Counter-Archive

The work of Kerry James Marshall is centered on African American life, culture and history. His body of work explores new frontiers in racial politics, socio-economical issues and the artists’ own feelings & views about social responsibility. Marshall was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1955 and later relocated to South Central, Los Angeles near the Black Panthers headquarters. Marshall grew-up in a country in which there were not many black artists to reference and “black studies” were in their early stages. Through his work, the artist has committed himself to compensating for the absence and invisibility of black culture. The artist attempts to reconcile African American culture with images of western ideals in his paintings by highlighting black identity within their historical context and the current socio political situation. Video courtesy of Museo Reina Sofia, Painting and Other Stuff, 2014 For Marshall there is an evident gap in the [Western] art history archive. We can define his whole body of work as a counter-archive, reading between the lines of mainstream culture during the past decades …


Thủ Thiêm, the new and the old, a photo documentary by Adriana Roos

This is a story of loss and change, of family, land and redevelopment. Thủ Thiêm is an urban development project on District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. As in almost all stories of redevelopment, there’s a back-story. Before its clearance, Thủ Thiêm was one of the most densely settled areas in the city and included a central market established in 1751. As of today, site clearance of the area is almost completed, between 14-15,000 households have been removed from the development site and resettled after more of a decade clearing 720 hectares of land. The following images aim to tell the back-story, looking at a family who’s lived there, in the same house, for more than a 100 years. They have almost no neighbours left, just rubble and empty spaces around them. This is their story: All images courtesy of photographer Adriana Roos More information and data about Thủ Thiêm New Urban Area  

Hadar Pitchon

Sounds of Endless Charging, Adam Kaszewski by Hadar Pitchon

“The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach. I have heard them all, and of the three elemental voices, that of ocean is the most awesome, beautiful, and varied. For it is a mistake to talk of the monotone of ocean or of the monotonous nature of its sound … Every mood of the wind, every change in the day’s weather, every phase of the tide – all these have subtle sea musics all their own … the continuousness of it, sound of endless charging, endless incoming and gathering, endless fulfillment and dissolution… Above the tumult, like birds, fly wisps of watery noise, splashes and counter splashes, whispers, and seethings… The seas are the heart’s blood of the earth. Plucked up and kneaded by the sun and the moon, the tides are systole and diastole of the earth’s veins … Consider the marvel of what we see. Somewhere in the ocean, perhaps a thousand …

Saint Laurent

Spring 2016 Trend Preview

This spring, minimalism takes a back seat. If the Spring/Summer 2016 runways are any indicator of the trends to take over fashion bloggers’ Instagram feeds, it looks like styles are taking a turn for the extreme—in the best way possible. Looks seen on the runways were a combination of romance, maximalist, and a healthy tinge of grunge. For fashion lovers looking to stay on top of the trends this season, we gathered the biggest and best from the runways to keep you in-the-know and ahead of the game. To start, say hello to old world folklore, because romance and ruffles are in full force for the fashion-forward crowd this spring. Appearing at Roberto Cavalli, Michael Kors, Miu Miu, and Marques Almeida, an abundance of fluffy ruffles took over maxi dresses and oversized tops. But ruffles aren’t the only indicator of romantic details. The Victorian era continued with floral maxis and lace flowing down the catwalk. And as Fashionista notes, tiaras—yes, tiaras—are also trending for the season. Saint Laurent and Miu Miu are both reminding us that …

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// FLEUR // a photo editorial by Anaïck Crozon

We put on our faux-sex coats / Flooded lungs grafted to our ribs / Girls in phagocyted dresses / With whiskey throats / In dislocated rhythms / Men with tobacco voices / And baroque hair / My cigarette’s medulla ablaze The pomegranate resonates as / We bite into its meat / The cloudy ceiling melts on your face / Pearly as semen now canonical / Now fragmented now teratological God, we were more glorious last night / We looked so much better seen  / Through the looking-glass —poem “Fêtes Galantes” by  Gabriel Kunst, Photography Anaïck Crozon, stylist & casting Rhona Ezuma, makeup Lara Himpelmann, hair Issac Poleon, Model Fleur at M+P Models, stylist assistant Christelle Rogers  Jumpsuit SUPERSWEET X MOUMI Top MINKI CHENG, skirt PULLA, trainers K- SWISS Coat MONKI, dress TO BE ADORED, skirt stylist’s own, trainers K-SWISS Top AK STUDIOS, trousers GYO YUNI KIMCHOE Zip shirt stylist’s own, dress TO BE ADORED  


Pillar Point – Dove (Music Video)

Dove is a dance music video about desire and betrayal shot throughout the streets and markets of Bogotá, Colombia. The story begins as our hero realizes her lover has left – and stolen her prize bird. We took Pillar Point’s seductive soundtrack as inspiration and worked with the sensational Vogue artist Kia Labeija to bring the story to life. —Jacob Krupnick “Dove” appears on Pillar Point’s full-length album, Marble Mouth. Available at Dancers: Kia Labeija (as Dove) Taina Larot (as Bird Thief) A Wild Combination Production Director, Producer, Editor: Jacob Krupnick ( AD + Line Producer: Victoria Rivera Cinematographer: Soren Nielsen Additional Operator: Luke Taylor AC: Carlos Torres Colorist: Stormcrow Stylist & Wardrobe Design: E’KW=L Hair: Daniel Obed Taveras Title Design: Jen Mussari Special Thanks: Josefina Santos, Beto Cañon, Robespierre Rodriguez, Juan Sebastian Rivera


The World’s Happiest President, José Mujica

It was almost a year ago when former Uruguayan leader José Mujica humbly stepped down and passed the presidential torch to Tabaré Vázquez after 5 faithful years in head of state. As sad as fans across the globe were to see him go, there is no doubt that he had a good run. José “Pepe” Mujica is many things. In the sixties he was a guerilla fighter and one of the leaders in Marxist group Tupamaro, inspired by the Cuban Revolution and opposing Uruguay’s ongoing military dictatorship. Then, he was a prisoner who spent 13 years of his life in solitary confinement, locked away under a well where he would share his crumbs with rats and talk to ants biding time. Mujica was released in 1985 when constitutional democracy was restored in the country and he vowed to change things once and for all. He was the Minister of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries until 2008 and then won the presidential election in 2009. Despite his remarkable story and international fame, above all Mujica is a …

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Days in a Day, Amba Baker and Pia Priewe in some of the looks of the season

Poetry is the fact of finding a childhood mark (…) a baby watching alternately the moon through the window and then his dad’s face lighted up by the white light of his computer. All sort of the same magic, triggering a million baby dreams… Photographer Manuel Obadia-Wills at MOW Studio captures models Amba Baker and Pia Priewe at Supreme Management Paris on some of the key looks of the season, outfitted by Theophile Hermand, hair and make-up Camille Siguret. Words above inspired by 90s web art piece Days in a Day by Pierrick Calvez. Top J.W. ANDERSON Dress VERSACE Coat CARVEN, boots VERSACE Jacket VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, bra AGENT PROVOCATEUR Dress MARNI, socks & OTHER STORIES, shoes NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD Dress MARNI Coat CÉDRIC CHARLIER, pull over ACNE STUDIOS, trousers CARVEN Left to right, dress JEAN COLONNA, dress ACNE    


Accepting No Defeat, about former French minister Christiane Taubira

On January 27th, French minister of Justice Christiane Taubira rode her bicycle home from a meeting with the president at Élysée Palace that morning, blowing a kiss farewell as she had no plans on returning to her job. “I left the government over a major political disagreement” Taubira said. “I am choosing to be true to myself, to my commitments, my battles and my relationships with other people.” The former minister is referring to the controversial new anti-terrorism proposals that stemmed after the November 13 Paris attacks, in which 130 people were murdered. Following the attack, President Hollande and Prime Minister Manuel Valls introduced plans of stripping French citizenship from dual-nationality citizens who were convicted of terrorism. [“Because French citizenship can be granted to those born on French soil, the country has many dual citizens who also have citizenship of former French colonies, often in north Africa. Under current law, only dual-national citizens who have been naturalized and acquired French citizenship less than 10 years before a convicted crime can be stripped of their French …