Month: September 2013


Chinese Diner a fashion editorial

Chinese Diner – A fashion editorial by Milan-based photographer Renfang Hu, Grooming: Nicole Krunic, Model: Mark Emme — Clothing credits: Jacket and Shirt Dior Homme, sunglasses Ray-Ban (worn throughout) Suit Etro, Shirt Dior Homme Suit Etro, Shirt Dior Homme, Shoes Dr. Martens Suit Etro, Shirt Dior Homme, Shoes Dr. Martens Vest Etro, Shirt Dior Homme Suit and shirt Dior Homme, Shoes Dr. Martens Left: Suit Versace, Shirt Dior Homme, Scarf Etro. Right: Shirt and Trousers Dior Homme, Shoes Dr. Martens. See more Mens Fashion Editorials



“Dorian” – photographer Karla Majnaric @ Viven’s Creative, stylist Carlos Mangubat @ Unsigned Management, grooming Victoria Martin, model Brent @ London Management, stylist Brogan Badrock. Clothing Credits: Shirt Etal, Scarf Dolce & Gabbana White Shirt Ermenegildo Zegna, Black Shirt Chris Ran Lin, Pants Chris Ran Lin, Jacket Et Al White Shirt Ermenegildo Zegna, Black Shirt Chris Ran Lin, Pants Chris Ran Lin, Jacket Et Al, Belt Jack London Shirt  Ermenegildo Zegna, Shirt (worn as bib)  Ermenegildo Zegna, Scarf  Dolce & Gabbana Hat Estelle Annabel, Jacket Kris Van Assche, Shirt Balmain, Pants Et Al Hat H&M, Turtleneck Jack London, Shirt Ermenegildo Zegna, Waistcoat Et Al, Skirt Et Al, Shoes Jack London Hat Hills Hats, Shirt Balenciaga Blazer Jack London, Waistcoat Et Al, Shirt Givenchy, Pocket square Jack London Hat H&M, Shirt Chris Ran Lin, Apron (shirt worn as apron) Christina Exie, Pants Et Al, Shoes Givenchy Shirt Christina Exie, Jacket Jack London, Hat Estelle Annabel, Pants Etal Shirt Jack London, Turtleneck Mason Martin Margiela, Pants Chris Ran Lin, Tie Stylist’s Own


A Quiet Confidence – Master photographer: John Dugdale

–Words and Interview by Robbie Sosa. Image: A Turbulent Dream – 1996 – All images courtesy of Holden Luntz gallery. It’s 1992 and fear has cast its unending shadow over the gay community in New York City. Reeling from a mysterious illness, a thirty year-old named John Patrick Dugdale lies on a metal bed in a cold and drafty hospital room. From afar, the scene is straight out of war-torn Beirut – but this battle is taking place inside Manhattan’s St. Vincent Hospital. Dugdale is not alone, for there are dozens of other young, frail men on the frontlines of death. It’s a dark moment for a city wrapped in the clenched fist of a virus called HIV/AIDS. This is where Dugdale’s journey to triumph begins. Continue below.. Born in 1960 in the working class suburban town of Stamford, Connecticut, Dugdale dreamed of an artist’s life, “I thought of myself as being born in the wagon of a traveling van, just like the Cher song. I was a Guido, a real rough-around-the-edges kind of guy, raised …