Month: July 2013

David Baskin – Artist Profile

Negotiating the uncertain border between the art object and consumerism, David Baskin’s recent sculpture explores the underlying agendas inherent in the “formal” properties of everyday consumer goods. Baskin begins with the objects themselves, making molds and casts directly from their forms, or disassembling and reconfiguring them to highlight their not so subtle appeals to our unconscious desires. From an industry that has long appeared obsessed with Freud’s ideas about obsession, come endless sublimations of the latent eroticism lurking underneath even the most benign purchase. Read the interview by Natalie Kates –Words by Peter Scott at Carriage Trade Gallery, interview by Natalie Kates. David Baskin “Chrome Still Life” – “This piece references 17th Century Dutch Vanitas painting as a means to examine the relevance of the still life in today’s culture.” Read the full interview David Baskin “Fountain” David Baskin “Fountain” David Baskin “Fountain” David Baskin – Dove bottles David Baskin – Dove bottles David Baskin – Tulip Mania David Baskin – Tulip Mania After visiting David Baskin’s latest show at Carriage Trade Art Gallery, I …


To Catch A Kennedy

“To Catch a Kennedy” a fashion editorial by Grant Yoshino and Stylist Todd Pearce, Make Up: Anthony H Nguyen, Hair: Bobby Eliot, Manicurist: Karsen Richardson, Models: Jesse Somera @ Photogenics, Sasha Neboga @ Elite, Wanessa @ Elite. Special Thanks to Evan Dunning @ The Dream Factory LA – On the image: Suit Dior Homme. More Images Dress Johanna Johnson, Leather Blazer Gita Salem, Pants Calvin Klein, Shoes Jimmy Choo, Watch Chrome Hearts Vintage Rolex. Lingerie What Katie Did, Jewelry Glynneth B, Pants Chrome Hearts, Necklace, Ring and Watch Chrome Hearts, Vest Thomas Wylde Lingerie What Katie Did, Robe Stylistss Own, Collar Stockrooom, Dress Camilla and Marc. Top Thomas Wylde, Rings Kyle Chan, Dress Todd Lynn, Purse Alexander McQueen, Earring/Bracelet Glynneth B. Suit Calvin Klein, Top Mugler Suit Calvin Klein, Top Mugler Dress Camilla and Marc, Top In My Air, Hat/Shoes Alexander McQueen, Ring Kyle Chan, Military Cap Stockroom. Shirt and Pants Chrome Hears, Shoes Jimmy Choo, Latex Shirt, Arm Cuff and Military Hat Stockroom.


Multi-faceted artist Martin Gutiérrez is currently showing at RYAN LEE GALLERY, New York (through Aug 16). The exhibit entitled, Martin(e), is the artist’s first solo exhibition. Through photography, video and performance, Gutierrez showcases his “declaration of personal transformation that upends conventions of race, sexuality, gender, and class.” read more (continue from previous slide) The three part series of videos entitled Martin(e) Pt. 1-3, examines insouciance and dejection through “interlaced vignettes which weave in and out of hypnotic, dream-likes scenes, with reality, revealing a melancholic quest for survival that draws equivocally from the genres of architecture, history, and popular culture.” Gutiérrez also creates a visual wonderland of metamorphose and thought provoking scenarious through a 16 piece photo series entitled Real Dolls. In homage to the Real Doll phenomenon of life-size sex dolls, the artist translates the archetypal roles of four sex doll personas: Ebony, Luxx, Mimi, and Raquel. Casting himself,  Gutierrez describes his compositions as “orchestrated to mirror each doll’s owners desires, combining beauty with the bizarre, elegance with the extreme, and camp with the classical.” The artist …

The Black Angels

On and Off Stage The Black Angels Take Me For a Ride

Live, The Black Angels take you through a time warp, not necessarily to the past but to something very novel. In a musical sense, they are what the past is to now; nostalgic yes, outdated never. –text and photography by Juliana Bojorquez /// With psychedelic visuals veiling over them, The Black Angels opened their Webster Hall show with “Viking,” a song from their Directions to See a Ghost album.The perfect intro with haunting vocals and ritualistic drum beats. Just the type of song to ease one into the shows psychedelic trance. Songs from their 1st album Passover, were performed with the same spontaneity and intensity as songs off their newest album; Indigo Meadow. Perhaps it was the effects of the sweet smoke that filled the air, or a nearby fan cooling me with its breeze, but as Alex Maas sang: “Rolling fast down I-35. Supersonic overdrive,” it made me feel as if riding through the desert on a motorbike, wind blowing through my hair, holding on for dear life. Favorites such as “Young Men Dead,” …